Dakota Marketplace: What to Expect From Your Subscription

We know that choosing an institutional investor database is a big decision. We also know that for many people within the investment industry, “database” is often considered a dirty word, associated with massive amounts of outdated data. However, if your team is spending more time researching prospects and trying to find the right people to call on rather than setting up meetings, a database that helps you narrow down your total addressable market all in one shot might just be what you need.

Dakota Marketplace is an institutional investor and RIA database created and maintained by the fundraising team at Dakota investments, who have used Marketplace to raise over $30B since 2006.

We know the pain points that come with raising capital: we’ve been there. Being hyper-vigilant about our data being as updated and accurate as possible has always been critical to getting our own jobs done, and two years ago, we decided to share that information in the form of Dakota Marketplace.

It’s easy to subscribe to a database and then get overwhelmed by data you can’t use, or to find yourself unsure how to use the platform you’re paying for. Once you decide that an institutional investor database is the way to go, we want you to be able to make the most of it, as soon as possible.

Here are three things you can expect from Dakota Marketplace once you sign a contract.

1. A Simple Subscription Process

After a contract is signed, our Customer Success team sets up your Marketplace instance, and makes sure it’s customized to your specific needs. We start by reaching out to the main point of contact within a firm with an onboarding email and outlining the number of users. From there the team works with you to schedule an onboarding, and gets you all setup with Marketplace logins.

Every new user is given a full Marketplace on-boarding that includes background on the system, why it was started, and of course, a full walk through of the database. No one is set up in Marketplace and then left to hope for the best. Our Customer Success team is available 24/7 in case there are questions or uncertainties at any time, and there are always opportunities to request one-on-one training or refreshers. Our goal is for you to have that “A-HA!” moment of clarity, and to see the true value of Dakota Marketplace as early on as possible.

Most importantly, you can be up and running within Marketplace the same day your contract is signed, ensuring that no time is wasted; you have access to the curated data within Marketplace immediately.

2. Tips and Tricks Along the Way

After your initial on-boarding, we’ll check in with helpful videos and how-to’s along the way, so that you can use Marketplace to its full potential. You can also expect regular check-ins with the Dakota teams as you hit various milestones on the platforms. At 30, 90, and 120 days in, we reach out to make sure you’re up to speed and finding exactly what you need.

Our key recommendations for new users in Marketplace:

  • Use the Customer Success team as a resource; we really are here to help. Don’t stay out of the system because you’re frustrated: always ask questions along the way. (There truly is no such thing as a silly question.)

  • Get in the system and play around the functionality. Believe it or not, building out filters and reports can be as fun as it is informative once you get into the swing of things; you just have to get in there and get familiar with your instance early on.

  • Use the favorites tool. This option can be overlooked because there is so much functionality with reports and filters, but favorites come in handy for pages like Metro Areas, where you can’t apply filters. Building out favorites in this area is a smart way to save from having to scroll through hundreds of metro areas.

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3. An Unmatched Level of Support Customized to Your Needs

No matter how big or small your team is, you get the same level of service across the board: 24/7 access to our team, and a true level of support for what works best for you. Whether that means getting on a call, a screen share, a video, or a combination of those, we strive to take customer service to the next level. 

No one wants to feel stuck, or like they don’t have a support system behind the scenes. Whether it’s to ask for help or send in feedback, our team is here for you so that you can do what you do best: setting up meetings with prospects. 

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully these three things are an indication of the true partnership that comes from a subscription to Marketplace. At Dakota, we pride ourselves on our accurate, curated data, and our attention to detail, so our goal is to bring that level of detail and service to our customers. From start to finish, we want the addition of Marketplace to your sales toolkit to save your sales team time, without adding more stress or administrative work.

To see if Marketplace is a good fit for you, we'd love to offer you a free trial

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Written By: Gui Costin, Founder, CEO

Gui Costin is the Founder and CEO of Dakota.


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