Making Fundraising Less Hard

Fundraising will never be easy, but Dakota provides industry and marketing expertise to make the job of an investment sales person easier.

How we help your firm grow

Maximize your time, set meetings with the right people, and learn how to stay up to date on industry insights with Dakota solutions.


Dakota Live!

Weekly Industry Insights

Save your team time with Dakota Live!, a weekly event  featuring allocator interviews, metro area overviews, and industry insights — all designed to connect your investment sales team with allocators.


Dakota Studios

Digital Marketing Agency

Don’t just shoot video. Create sales-focused digital assets that will help your sales team connect with due diligence analysts, and get their foot in the door at the right firms, with the right people.


Dakota Investments

Third-Party Marketing Services

Our third-party marketing team is an experienced, eight-person sales team that has raised over $40 billion since 2006. If you're interested in discussing how we might be able to help your firm grow, schedule a meeting by clicking the link below.

What is Dakota Live?

Tired of not knowing who to call and spending too much time researching allocators and their investment preferences?

The Dakota Live! Call brings investment sales people together and connects them with leading global allocators.

Each call provides insight into institutional investment allocators — who they are, what they think, what they’re investing in, and details about their investment platform. The call covers everything you need to know about an allocator before meeting with them. 


What our clients are saying:

"Marketplace provides the most actionable data I have ever encountered in my 30+ years in the business. It is abundantly clear that Marketplace is built by salespeople for salespeople. I am continuously amazed at its rapid prospect expansion and its real-time updates on the appropriate decision makers. It is an incredible time-saver that lets you concentrate on selling, not researching prospects."

Tod Perry
Managing Director, Business Development, Algorithmic Investment Models


What our clients are saying:

"I will now, tomorrow, and forever, be a brand testimonial for you and the platform. If I am not with this firm at any point, it will be a requirement for any new employer prior to hiring that they invest in the platform. Honest assessment. Please ask me as many times as you need. If they ever want someone on the call to clearly articulate why this changed my sixteen-year career, I am your guy." 

Geoffrey Irungu
Portfolio Manager, Stephens Investment Management Group

Let's work together

Partnering with Dakota is simple. We work to understand your firm’s needs, and provide the resources you need to be a better salesperson.


Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our sales experts, and they’ll match you to the service that fits your needs.


Access Our Investment Sales Resources

Access to the Dakota Live Call, public pension briefs, and marketing expertise offered in Dakota Studios means you'll not only know who to call on, but what to say, and how to follow up, creating a fool-proof sales system for success.


Become a Better Salesperson

When you become a member of Dakota, you have access to the tools, resources, and industry expertise you need to become the best salesperson you can be.


Dakota Public Pension

Investment Committee Notes

Tired of combing through pages of meeting minutes trying to find information about a public pension fund before you call on them?

The Dakota Public Pension Briefs offer insights and takeaways from public pension fund monthly meetings. We parse out the key information from the meetings minutes and deliver it to your inbox so you never have to spend valuable time researching.

Insights from our investment experts

Dakota Live!

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