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You'll be joining a passionate group of investment professionals where you'll be challenged to be better every day.

Who we are

At Dakota, we’re a group of passionate industry experts that connects investment firms with allocators. We’re obsessed with building the largest possible TAM for our fundraising clients.

Every day, we challenge each other to use our experience and strengths to make an impact for our members and partners.

Working at Dakota

Dakota is a fast-paced firm always on the lookout for new ways to support our investment partners. With beautiful offices in Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia, and a cutting-edge studio designed to provide digital marketing support to our partners and non-profits, we’re always pushing the envelope on innovation.

If you thrive in a fast-moving, fast-growing environment, want to grow your career in a meaningful way, and these core values speak to you, you might just be a perfect fit for the Dakota team.


Sell apples to apple buyers


Be a master messenger


Have a killer follow up system


focus on what you can control


Walk the 8 feet


Don't go cowboy




Turn Your Brain Off


Never say "Great Meeting"


Throw your hat over the wall


Have Fun!


Greatest Place To Work

In July of 2021, Dakota was named a certified Great Place to Work.

Open Positions

Tracy Rogers

What our clients are saying:

I love being challenged and having the opportunity to grow! I've been with Dakota for over 14 years and can confidently say that not one day has passed where I have not learned something new, or been challenged to innovate.

Tracy Rogers
Chief Administrative Officer

Catherine Begier

What our clients are saying:

I enjoy working with people that will always be there to pitch in when you need help or cheer you up on a tough day! 

Catherine Begier
Marketing Manager

Anna Walsh

What our clients are saying:

I adore the culture and passion our team has not only for our customers and partners, but also for helping each other grow and develop as professionals.

Anna Walsh
Chief Customer Officer

Barbara Loeslein

What our clients are saying:

I love how everyone works together and has a real interest in making everyone successful in their jobs. It is true team work at its best!

Barbara Loeslein
Vice President of Advancement

Arthur Farina

What our clients are saying:

The best part would have to be working with great people on new, innovative projects and seeing the business grow exponentially because of it.

Arthur Farina
Data Analyst



Unlimited PTO Policy


Comprehensive Health, Dental, & Vision Insurance




Company sponsored learning, including company-wide book clubs


Team get-togethers

The Dakota Way: our core values


Know who to call on

The focus of your sales effort should be to call on people who buy what you sell. Or, as we like to say, “Sell apples to apple buyers, don’t try and convince orange buyers to buy apples.”

If you specialize in mutual funds, you need to call on allocators who deal in mutual funds – RIAs, ETFs and separate accounts, to start. But identifying the appropriate channels and the contacts within each account can take a lot of time and legwork before you ever ask for a meeting.

To quickly and efficiently identify who to call on, we use Marketplace, which helps shorten the path to qualified buyers.


Know what to say

This is a critical but overlooked step. It’s not enough to get a meeting with the right person. To win business, you have to master the art of the pitch.

Talking performance isn’t enough. Institutional investors need to understand your story and how you got to the numbers. Use carefully chosen words to bring your story to life while addressing the questions an institutional investor wants answered.


Have a killer follow-up system

After getting the meeting and nailing the pitch, it’s critical that you follow up. Typically, most investment salespeople send a thank-you email with some marketing materials. But institutional investors get so many emails, they may never see it, let alone read it or respond.

If your follow-up begins and ends with a single generic email, you’re losing sales. You need a follow-up system that helps you continue the conversation with allocators in a meaningful way.


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