Dakota Cocktails


Premier networking events for investment sales professionals. Our events are designed for you to grow your connections with local investment industry professionals.

We Are Global

Dakota Cocktails has traveled to 25+ major metro cities, as well as London and Toronto.

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See Where We're Headed Next

Greenwich, CT

August 15, 2024
5:30 PM


Los Angeles

September 18, 2024
5:30 PM

Hotel Casa del Mar


September 26, 2024
5:30 PM

Park House


October 02, 2024
5:30 PM

Boston Harbor Hotel

What to Expect

Who attends these events?

Our Dakota Cocktails are attended by a mixture of asset managers, allocators and our Dakota team. Depending on the size of the city and our network those percentages will fluctuate.

Do you share attendee list?

We do not share attendee lists. If you are looking to get other attendees’ contact information, we suggest coming to these events prepared with business cards or another form of follow up contact.

Do I have to pay for this event?

Our Dakota Cocktail events are completely free. We take care of all costs. We just ask that if you register and if your plans change that you let us know ahead of the event.

What cities have you been to in the past?

We have hosted events in cities all over the country. Some of those cities include: Philadelphia, New York City, Hamptons, Boston, Greenwich CT, Palm Beach, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Denver, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London.

What if I don’t see my city on the list?

We are doing our best to get to every major city in the country. If you do not see your city or a city you cover on the calendar, please let us know. Email cocktails@dakota.com with your suggested city and we will do our best to add it to the schedule. We are always looking for new destinations!

What can I expect at these events?

At these Dakota Cocktail events you can expect to network with a variety of individuals in the investment industry. The events are 2 hours long and we invite our guests to stay for any duration of time that works for them. There is no presentation or sales pitch or catch! It is strictly a networking event in its simplest form!

Is there food and drink?

All of our Dakota Cocktail events include food and drinks!

Don’t see your city on the calendar? Reach out below and we will do our best to add you to our schedule!