A Live Event Connecting Investment Salespeople With Leading Allocators

Stop wasting time on stale institutional investor lists. Register for a Dakota Live! Call to see exactly how we create content on allocators, and ensure you always know who to call.

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Exclusive interviews and insights

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Time-saving pre- and post-call content

Are you frustrated by traditional institutional investor lists?

  • Are you struggling to connect with the right allocators for your asset class?
  • Do you feel like you're wasting your time on dead ends, and wish there was a true inside source for investment sales leads?
  • Do you find databases to be incomplete, inaccurate, and difficult to use?

Dakota Live connects investment sales teams with allocators, and creates the content your team needs to do informed outreach to allocators in your asset class.

Live interview insights you can't get from a demo


Access In-Depth Information

Learn each allocator’s current needs, the details of their platform, key analysts, and their outlook on the industry.


Exclusive Industry Insights

Stay up to date on industry trends from the people who are out there living it every day, and leave every call with a fresh perspective.


A Complete Overview a Major Metro Area

Each week, we'll provide insights on the firms you need to know about in a major city, making your travel planning easier than ever.

Allocators who have joined the Dakota Live! Call

Our guest allocators represent firms of all sizes, and have included speakers from RIAs, banks, and insurance companies.

During each interview, you’ll learn each allocator’s current needs, the details of their platform, key analysts, and their outlook on the industry.

Past Allocators Include


Lisa Erikson

Senior Researcher


RJ Smolenski

Director of Management Research


Nicole Cramer

Senior Researcher


Jack Ablin


Choose from the General Call and the Alternatives Call


The Dakota Live! General Call

The general call allows you to access in-depth information about investment allocators through a live interview. These interviews highlight investment preferences, profiles, and how each allocator thinks and invests — everything you need to know before calling on someone.

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The Dakota Live! Alts Call

The Alternatives Call is designed for investment salespeople who market and sell alternative investment strategies. On these calls, we cover Metro Areas and Key Accounts in detail. The Alternatives Call covers the key information you need before calling on someone.

Meet the Dakota Live! team

The Dakota Live! Call is hosted and produced by Dakota’s own Investment Sales team. They’re calling on the same people you are, and sharing those meeting notes live on each call.

Gui Gui

Gui Costin

Founder, CEO

Dan Dan

Dan DiDomenico


Chris Chris

Chris O’Grady

Chief Investment Officer

Anna Anna

Anna Blumenfeld

Vice President, Institutional Sales

Tim Tim

Tim Dolan

Vice President, Institutional Sales

Andrew Andrew

Andrew O’Shea

Vice President, Institutional Sales

Ryan Ryan

Ryan Creighton

Vice President, Institutional Sales

Steve Steve

Steve Aitken

Vice President, Institutional Sales

Manfred Manfred

Manfred Kanther

Manager of Strategic Initiatives

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