Sync Dakota Marketplace investor data directly into your HubSpot instance

Hubspot + Dakota Marketplace Integration: Curated For Your CRM

With Dakota Marketplace’s partnership with Hubspot, we have created an easy to use interface directly inside your Hubspot instance giving you instant access to fresh opportunities and contact data

Access your own data inside your Hubspot instance alongside Marketplace data for comprehensive insights

Maintain data integrity with a single, reliable source within your Hubspot instance.

Ensure your contact data remains current with real-time updates.

Are you struggling to find leads with
stale data in your CRM?

Get direct access to

Fresh sales contact

Link Dakota Marketplace accounts and contacts with existing account and contact data in your Hubspot instance

More opportunities

Create Dakota Marketplace accounts and contacts in for new accounts and contacts in your HubSpot instance

Updates in real time

Update accounts and contacts in real time

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