Accelerating Fundraising Pipeline Growth with Enhanced Data Insights

Benefits of Integrating Dakota Marketplace with Altvia

Data Insights

Utilize Dakota Marketplace data for strategic decisions. Gain a competitive edge with insights into market dynamics, opportunities, and risks.

Network Differentiation:

Stand out in your network using enriched Dakota Marketplace data. Engage investment allocators more personally, building trust and stronger connections.

Automated Fundraising:

Altvia automates fundraising data entry into the CRM, eliminating manual input and ensuring accurate tracking and management.

Altvia + Dakota Marketplace Integration: Curated for Your CRM

With our integration, users get access to:

Pipeline History Tracking

Gain robust tracking and insights into your fundraising pipeline history. Analyze past performance, optimize funnel stages, and make data-driven decisions to improve strategies. Real-time insights help track progress, identify bottlenecks, and take timely actions.

Purpose-built CRM

Unlike complex Salesforce solutions, Altvia offers a flexible, tailored approach. Customize the CRM to fit your unique needs without extensive time, money, and manpower.

Efficient CRM Adoption

Altvia’s automation reduces manual data entry, easing CRM adoption. Its intuitive interface ensures an easy, effective user experience, reducing the learning curve.


Watch Altvia’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jeff Williams and Dakota’s CEO & Founder, Gui Costin, discuss the power of integrating Dakota Marketplace and Altvia:

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