A Complete Database Solution Across All Investment Channels

Dakota Marketplace is an all-in-one solution that provides investment sales teams with complete and accurate data to accelerate their fundraising efforts.


A Complete Database Solution Across All Investment Channels

Dakota Marketplace is an all-in-one solution that provides investment sales teams with complete and accurate data to accelerate their fundraising efforts.


Trusted by over 900 leading investment firms

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The only database built by fundraisers for fundraisers

  • Dakota Marketplace is built and maintained by fundraisers using the data every day.
  • Marketplace includes a clean interface that allows you to find what you need in a matter of clicks.
  • Easily find the right contacts at the right firms.
  • Access qualified prospects that allocate to your strategy.

Dakota Marketplace is a complete database solution designed to connect you with more allocators and set more meetings.

Your all-in-one resource for investment industry insights, data, and updates

Marketplace helps maximize your sales team's efficiency by eliminating valuable time spent researching. The resources below are all included in your Marketplace membership.

Institutional Searches

Receive comprehensive institutional investment search alerts delivered directly to your inbox via email. Over 350 searches were found in 2021.


Public Plan Minutes

Receive daily reports of public pension investment committee meeting notes including recent hires, RFPs, portfolio allocation changes, and more.


Public Pension Investments

Access investment details including investment name, account, investment strategy, funding date, and fund balance.


Field Consultant Information

Access details including name, account, and email. Marketplace has over 1,000 field consultants tagged to 172 consulting firms.


Manager Presentations

Access over 1,000 presentations given to public pension funds by other managers for insights into what other managers are saying and investing in.


Fee Studies

See what fees each public pension is paying their managers with fee structures tagged to public pension funds.


Everything you need, all on one platform

No more switching between your CRM, spreadsheets, and databases. Dakota Marketplace makes it easy to monitor everything you need without jumping from platform to platform.


Create Targeted Lists

Create custom views and reports on exactly the allocators, asset classes, and people you most want to target. 

Track Real-Time Industry Turnover

The investment industry moves fast. Make sure you’re always calling on the right person, in the right role, at the right place, without wasting any time on bad emails and contact information.

Maximize Your Travel with City Scheduling

Make the most of your travel time with the Map It feature. Book additional meetings, identify firms that allocate to your type of  investment strategy, and connect with due diligence professionals that sit remotely within a given city. 

Access Dakota Live! Insights

Access weekly insights from our Dakota Live! Calls all in one place, including key account interviews, metro area overviews, and more.

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What our clients are saying:

  • “We have been satisfied with how Marketplace continues to evolve with the service we’ve received, and how accurate the information is.”

    Louie Fetch

    VP of Advisor Services, Clifford Capital

  • "From the helpful insights on all types of firms and contacts to the Dakota Live! calls, Dakota Marketplace has enhanced the capabilities of our Sales and Distribution team. Our team has been able to utilize all this data we previously didn’t have access to. The mapping tool and pre-made reports by the Dakota team also have made our day-to-day scheduling and targeting that much easier."

    Aileen McBride

    Institutional Business Development, FS Investments

  • Marketplace has a broad (and expanding) data set that allows us to contact decision makers directly in order to do our jobs more effectively. Additionally, everyone we have worked with at Dakota so far has been immensely helpful, responsive, and receptive to feedback.

    Ehan Keator

    Institutional Product Specialist, Davenport Asset Management

  • As a boutique asset manager, it was important for us to be able to maximize the budget we have for information systems. Providers we have used in the past were limited in both scale and scope and we often found stale data. 

    Marketplace has a great depth of content, but more importantly, it is kept current and accurate, leading to more valuable contact interactions. Further, the insight provided beyond simple contact details is invaluable to us. Dakota helps make our small team as efficient and capable as a much larger organization.  

    Matthew Kosara, CFA

    Managing Partner, HGK Asset Management, Inc.

Get started with Dakota Marketplace to access exclusive time-saving resources to scale your business.

Dakota Marketplace


Complete coverage across all channels

Investment research/due diligence contacts

Institutional search alerts

Public plan minutes and allocations

Field consultant information

Manager presentation decks

Fee studies

Allocator interviews

Leverage the insights of a fundraising team

$1,000/additional user

Investment insights

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