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The Top 5 Questions Institutional Salespeople Are Asking About Fuse For Salesforce

By: Morgan Holycross, Content Marketing Associate

Manual copy and paste, multiple data sources, and stale data. To any institutional sales person, this should sound like a recipe for disaster. As an investment sales professional, if you understand the importance of CRM data hygiene, and Dakota is right there with you.

At Dakota, we’ve raised over $36B from our own CRM platform having clean, up-to-date information and we have made this available to other investment sales people through Dakota Marketplace.

Fuse for Salesforce is a Salesforce app integration that connects our Marketplace information into your Salesforce so that you have all of our account and contact information right there in your CRM.  

In this article we’re going over the most frequently asked questions about Fuse for Salesforce. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of exactly how Fuse will help you and your firm. 

1. What is Fuse for Salesforce?

Our Fuse app solves three main issues for our current customers. 

  • Copying and pasting - it's a tedious process. With the Fuse app, you can bring all Marketplace information over with one click.
  • Reduce the risk of stale data within your Salesforce.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple data sources so that you have everything you need when you're calling on these accounts and contacts.

2. How difficult is it to set up?

Once you sign up for Fuse, we'll set up an hour installation call. The first 30 minutes we go through implementation and page layouts. The next 30 minutes of the call are used to train you and make sure you're comfortable using the app.

3. How often is the data updated?

Our app checks to our internal Salesforce every 15 minutes for any updates our Investment Sales team or Data team has made to our internal CRM. This information is then pushed into your Salesforce into our Dakota-specific fields.

4. What support do you provide?

We are here to help you whenever you need it, the Fuse app is not a one-time installation call. All you have to do is reach out to our Membership Services team whether it be for an error you’re receiving, a training session that you would need, or if you just want to go through best practices of the app within your Salesforce. They will direct you with the best point of contact. 

5. How much does it cost?

Fuse for Salesforce is $7,500 annually on top of your Marketplace subscription, and it is a user-based license. If you have one, three, or seven licenses of Marketplace, all of them will have access to the Fuse app in your internal Salesforce for the flat $7,500 annually.

Don’t let bad data be the enemy of efficiency. For more information, set up a consultation to see if Fuse for Salesforce is a fit for your team. 

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