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The 3 Benefits of Fuse for Salesforce

By: Morgan Holycross, Content Marketing Associate

If you’re in the investment world, you know the importance of having a clean, up-to-date database for your firm. To increase efficiency of your sales team we understand you need visibility into your market as well as fresh information on firms. That is why we created Dakota Marketplace. 

But we didn’t stop here. We asked ourselves, “How can we simplify the sales process even more for our customers?” In turn, we created Fuse for Salesforce to link your database with ours.

Before we dive further, we’ll give a brief overview of Dakota Marketplace

Marketplace is a regularly updated, curated database of qualified investment allocators across the intermediary and institutional channels. It was created by salespeople, for salespeople to include data on:

  • RIAs
  • MFOs
  • Family Offices
  • Bank Trusts
  • Broker Dealers
  • Institutional Consultants
  • OCIOs, Foundations
  • Endowments, Corporate and Public Pension Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Fund of Funds
  • And other professional investors

In sum, it helps your sales team with their fundraising efforts to increase efficiency through providing insights and information to your market. 

In this article we will discuss Fuse for Salesforce and the benefits it has to offer your firm. By the end of the article, you’ll have an idea if Fuse is a good fit for you and your firm.

Solving the issue at hand

The issue many investment sales people face is dealing with disconnected, stale data. How can they do what they do best if their data is not up to date? The answer is they can’t.

Fuse for Salesforce creates a bridge between your data and Dakota Marketplace by providing real-time updates to accounts and contacts. This permits your sales team to focus their attention towards setting meetings with qualified buyers to grow their leads.

With a Fuse subscription you will have access to

  • Over 9,000 accounts
  • 31,000 contacts
  • Real-time updates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The benefits of Fuse for Salesforce

1. No more copying and pasting data

One of the most crucial benefits of Fuse for Salesforce is it eliminates the manual “copy and paste” of account and contact updates. 

You’re able to get a good night's rest while Fuse syncs and updates your selected accounts and contacts. That way in the morning, your sales team will have a new pool of fresh leads to focus on what matters most: setting up meetings to work towards generating revenue. 

2. Real-time updates

In addition, Dakota Fuse is updated in real time to eliminate incorrect information and improve accuracy to your CRM. To put the cherry on top, you can receive alerts when contacts are updated so you and your team are never left wondering if their institutional investor and allocator contacts are up-to-date. 

3. Easy access to Dakota Marketplace

Finally, your team will have access to Dakota Marketplace with the click of a button. If you choose not to integrate your Salesforce with Marketplace directly, Fuse still offers you the ability to link directly back to Marketplace from your Salesforce. That’s right… you’ll still have access to over 150 custom fields and Marketplace’s full feature set. 

Is Fuse for Salesforce right for your investment firm?

If you want guaranteed consistency between your institutional investment database and your CRM, Fuse for Salesforce is perfect. You will save time and energy by bringing everything together into one space. 

If you’d like to increase your efficiency by setting up more meetings, Dakota Fuse is perfect. Eliminate time researching who to call on by purchasing a subscription. You’ll have the information readily available and can spend more time calling on firms to set up meetings. 

Fuse for Salesforce costs $7,500 - $10,000 annually. It is also important to note that Fuse is only available to users with Dakota Marketplace licenses. 

Don’t let bad data be the enemy of efficiency. For more information, set up a consultation to see if Fuse for Salesforce is a fit for your team. 

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