The One Foolproof Way for Investment Firms to Get Their Salesforce Configured, Implemented, and Used - Marketplace for Salesforce is the Solution

The Dakota Marketplace for Salesforce App is a revolutionary app built for investment firms and their fundraising teams.

We can take the liberty to say that 100% of investment firms who use struggle with the configuration of their Salesforce instance to suit the specific needs of their fundraisers and salespeople.

In addition to the struggle with configuration, investment firms struggle with keeping their data up-to-date. On top of keeping their data up-to-date, they struggle with bringing in important data feeds directly into their Salesforce instance, like 13F, Form ADV and Form D.

The result? No CRM adoption, frustration with the sales team, and lack of critical data getting entered into Salesforce, such as meetings and meeting notes. This ultimately translates into a massive lack of leverage and sales efficiency for the investment firm and their salespeople.

The reason for this is extremely simple: Custom Salesforce Developers lack the domain expertise in the investment management industry to properly set-up and configure a Salesforce instance for fundraising teams.

The cost is high both in terms of opportunity cost and actual cash spent and/or wasted in trying to get an instance set-up.

In this article we will break down problems with implementing a CRM, how you solve this problem, and lastly the Dakota Marketplace for Salesforce App. By the end of this, you’ll have a better understanding of the Marketplace for Salesforce App and how it acts as the solution to getting your Salesforce configured and implemented.

The problem

Many issues arise from failed CRM implementations, thus leading to an unsuccessful adoption. This can be from the following list of reasons:

  • Initial custom development
  • Ongoing custom programing
  • Configuration of new data feeds
  • Lack of domain expertise
  • Database administration
  • Data updating
  • Data collection
  • Email bounce software

This is a long list of tasks that no salesperson wants to do, or has time to do. Their sole job should be to find qualified prospects and set up meetings. However, this becomes impossible to do if their Salesforce is not set up properly, data is incorrect and outdated, and their meeting notes aren’t entered into their database.

The solution: The Dakota Marketplace for Salesforce App

The Dakota software development team has spent four years developing our Marketplace for Salesforce App. Our latest edition solves every problem an investment firm and their database administrators face on a daily basis with Salesforce, which is why it’s the end all solution. 

The Marketplace for Salesforce App has a user interface that is custom built for a fundraiser. This eliminates the need to hire an outside Salesforce administrator or consultant to create your Salesforce instance. You’ll save time, money, and frustration.

With this app, you’ll have a bridge between your Salesforce instance and Dakota Marketplace. This includes a full complement of accounts and contacts across all fundraising channels, which will be updated in real time. This permits your sales team to focus their attention towards setting meetings with qualified buyers to grow their leads. Your data will never be incomplete or stale. In addition, all key data feeds directly into your Salesforce instance (which we will list below). Lastly, the app allows a salesperson to attach activity and opportunities to accounts and contacts to ensure timely, proper follow up.

With that, let’s get into the benefits and features of the Dakota Marketplace for Salesforce App.


From day one of the 15 years our Investment Sales team has been fundraising, we’ve not only implemented but enforced the use of a CRM. Without a CRM, you will fail.

With the Dakota Marketplace for Salesforce App integration CRM adoption will be required, permitting your sales team to focus on setting up more meetings, following up with people at the correct times, and running opportunity reports. Ultimately, you and your team will 10x your productivity with our Salesforce App through getting time back to your day and focusing on what matters most.

In addition to 10x your productivity, you will have one login – meaning one source of truth. All the data feeds feed into one app for viewing by all Salesforce users. The Dakota Marketplace for Salesforce integration acts as one common ground in your Salesforce instance for all your data on contacts, accounts, metro areas, etc. This eliminates errors that come with using multiple data sources. 

In turn, the quality of data will be improved. There’s far less of a chance for duplicated information, outdated information, or conflicting information. Ultimately, this leads to less time wasted on researching who to call on as well as ensuring your data is clean and accurate.


The features of the Salesforce App are specifically curated to an investment sales professional to easily maneuver about the interface. 

  • Users can favorite accounts and contacts through Dakota Marketplace, as well as share specific accounts and contacts with other users.
  • Notifications can be set up for new followings and alerts on specific accounts.
  • Push email alerts can be sent for any new job changes.
  • The Metro Areas will be your best friend for city scheduling.
  • The home page of Marketplace for Salesforce is the Dakota Marketplace home page, allowing you to see all the new job and role changes, fundraising news feed, and other new investments.

Specific data feeds and investment knowledge that will be embedded in your Salesforce instance include:

  • 13F Filings & Holdings
  • Searches
  • Private Fund performance
  • Form D Filings
  • Form ADV Information
  • Manager Presentation Decks
  • Job/Role changes
  • Candidates Looking for Work
  • Fundraising News
  • Public Pension Fund Investments

What are you waiting for? The Dakota Salesforce App is a strategic asset for investment firms aiming to harness the full potential of Salesforce. Its bespoke design, coupled with comprehensive features, positions it as an indispensable tool for investment firms seeking to overcome the complexities of Salesforce integration and usage. 

This app not only saves time and resources but also empowers firms with enhanced data-driven decision-making capabilities. The magnitude of this app and its impact on an investment knows no bounds. It’s utopia, it’s paradise, and it’s what every Salesforce DBA has been hoping might show up one day.

Don’t waste time configuring your Salesforce, have a custom built interface for fundraisers with the Marketplace for Salesforce App. Schedule a demo here.

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Written By: Gui Costin, Founder, CEO

Gui Costin is the Founder and CEO of Dakota.


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