5 Key Features to the Marketplace for Salesforce Integration

There are many issues that arise from adopting and implementing a new CRM, like Salesforce, at your firm. From resistance, to users not logging in, to failed implementations, it comes down to having a proper configuration of your Salesforce instance.

Configuring and customizing your team’s Salesforce instance is high in opportunity cost and actual cash spent on getting your instance setup. Custom Salesforce Developers lack the domain expertise in the investment management industry to properly set-up and configure a Salesforce instance for fundraising teams. 

This is why we created the Dakota Salesforce App, which integrates all of the Dakota Marketplace functionality with our customers Salesforce.com instance. It solves all of these issues for you and your team in order to 10x your productivity, streamlining your fundraising.

In this article, we’re giving you five key features to our Salesforce App Integration. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of these features and why our Salesforce App Integration solves every problem an investment firm and their database administrators face on a daily basis with Salesforce.

1. Sharing

The first feature of the Marketplace for Salesforce App Integration to note is the sharing feature. With this, you have the ability to share records with colleagues at your firm who have licenses to Dakota Marketplace. This includes sharing information in retrospect to accounts, contacts, investments, and our fundraising news feed.

2. Metro Areas

The metro area feature is one that users of Dakota Marketplace enjoy so much, that we included it within the Salesforce App Integration. This metro area tab allows users to focus on one metro area through breaking it down by potential prospects and firms within the desired area.

This makes the daunting task of prospecting all RIAs in the USA a lot simpler to handle. With the Salesforce App Integration, you can efficiently schedule meetings with the Map It feature, allowing you to see any desired channel in whichever metro. This leaves room to book additional meetings, identify firms that allocate to your type of investment strategy, and connect with due diligence professionals that sit remotely within a given city. 

3. Following

The following feature is something that we pride ourselves on within our Salesforce integration. You will be able to follow accounts and contacts from several locations such as the Homepage within your Salesforce instance and the metro area tab. 

On the contact level, users of the Marketplace for Salesforce integration will receive notifications when a followed contact has a job or role change. As for the account level, they will receive notifications if any contact at the firm has a job or role change, if there are updates to the account, anytime the firm’s consultant changes, and whenever a public investment has been added to Marketplace. 

4. Alerts on Job / Role Changes 

Another feature to note on the Marketplace for Salesforce App Integration is the job and role change alerts. This gives you the capability to receive alerts on job and role changes, allowing you to remain up to date on movement occurring within the investment field.

On average, there are seven a day being reported in Marketplace. These will be pushed right to your inbox to ensure you are reaching out to the correct people, at the right firm.

5. Home Page

The fifth feature we will review may be the most important - the Marketplace for Salesforce App Integration home page will be the same as the Marketplace home page. This is critical for a plethora of reasons, but let’s start with the main one - no need to configure or customize your Salesforce instance! The Marketplace home page is customized by fundraisers themselves who are out raising money, just like you. 

On the home page you’ll find several dashboards including job and role changes, as well as fundraising news. Both of these will keep you up to date with industry turnover in addition to valuable trends. We highlighted job and role changes above, however, with the fundraising news you can stay informed on recent commitments, new searches, personnel updates, manager presentations, and more within the LP space.

In addition, there’s another dashboard for new investments, new accounts, and new contacts.  Our data team is adding several of these daily in order to provide a curated set of information for you and your team to help streamline your fundraising.

To learn more about the Marketplace for Salesforce Integration click here for a demo.

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Written By: Morgan Holycross, Marketing Manager

Morgan Holycross is a Marketing Manager at Dakota.


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