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Finding Fixed Income Opportunities with Will Beck of Wilshire

Will Beck of Wilshire Associates is a Senior Vice President and member of Wilshire’s Traditional Manager Research Group where he focuses on fixed income strategies. After the fastest U.S. Federal Reserve tightening cycle on record, fixed income markets are the focus of asset allocation conversations across the investment landscape. Join us as Will takes us through the current fixed income environment and where he and his colleagues at Wilshire are finding opportunity. In addition to Will’s responsibilities in identifying, researching, and monitoring fixed income managers, Will is also a rotating member of the Wilshire Investment Committee. He is also a portfolio manager on Wilshire’s active fixed income products and a senior member of the consulting team for the firm’s clients. Will has been with Wilshire for more than 13 years, covering more than 100 unique strategies and representing more than $50 billion of client assets. The Dakota Live! Podcast was thrilled to discuss the fixed income markets with veteran allocator, Will Beck in this timely and informative conversation. 

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