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Recipes for Success with Doug MacBean, Deputy CIO of Caltech's Investment Office

Episode 18: Doug MacBean, Deputy CIO at Caltech

Doug MacBean, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of the California Institute of Technology’s Investment Office (Caltech) joins us at Dakota Live! to share the ingredients from his career and how he approaches his role as an endowment allocator. Like any good recipe, Doug shares the steps to help us better understand his team’s approach to asset allocation and underwriting process as it relates to investment manager research and selection.

Sit down for this insightful and informative conversations with one of the industry’s leading investors.

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Doug MacBean

The Caltech Investment Office Team brings a deep base of experience and talent to the management of the Institute's investments. The investment team develops recommendations on investment policies, strategies, and asset allocation for review and approval by the Investment Committee. With the general guidelines in place, the investment team then identifies investments and what it considers to be best-in-class asset managers around the world who can effectively implement the adopted investment strategies. The team focuses on medium- to long-term performance, identifying global trends and investment opportunities that may develop over many years. While quarter-to-quarter performance is closely monitored, and appropriate portfolio adjustments are made from time to time, the primary goal is to earn long-term rates of return that support the annual endowment payout and maintain its inflation-adjusted purchasing power, allowing it to support Caltech's activities for generations to come.
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