San Antonio Fire & Police Considering Target Allocation Changes

The San Antonio Fire & Police Pension Fund is considering adjusting target allocations for emerging markets, US small/mid-cap equities, non-US developed equity, non-US developed small cap equity, as well as private equity. 

With the help of investment consultant, NEPC, staff is considering an asset mix that would include terminating the 6% target allocation for emerging markets. Additionally, a 2% target increase would be applied to the U.S. Small/Mid-cap Equity, 1% would be added to Non-U.S. developed equity, 2% would be added to Non-U.S. developed small cap equity, and the private equity target would increase by 1%.

NEPC will review the current international equity exposure and develop an implementation plan for the proposed mix.

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Written By: Jane Bailey, Marketing Associate

Jane Bailey is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.


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