New Mexico SIC Commits $980M to Alts

The New Mexico State Investment Council approved ten commitments to alternatives, totaling $980 million, according to recent meeting minutes. 

In venture capital, $20 million was committed to Airbus Ventures Fund IV and $50 million to Upfront VIII. 

In private credit, $150 million was committed to Silver Point Specialty Credit Fund III and an additional $150 million to Torchlight Debt Fund VIII. 

In private equity, $100 million was committed to  SK Capital Partners VI, $75 million to Brightstar Capital Partners Fund III, $75 million to  Bain Capital Life Sciences Fund IV, and $100 million to  LS Power Equity Partners V. 

Additionally, in real estate  €200 million ( $214.8 million) was committed to Ares European Property Enhancement Partners IV. And in real assets, $45 million was invested in  EQT Infrastructure VI.

Private equity consultant Mercer,  real estate consultant Townsend, and general consultant Meketa assisted with  the recommendations. 

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Written By: Helen Bascom, Marketing Associate

Helen Bascom is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.