Kestra Financial Lands Attain Wealth


Kestra has added Attain Wealth Partners, a financial professional team based in Zanesville, Ohio. Co-founded by Shakir Kaka and David Weinberg, Attain Wealth Partners brings over 40 years of wealth management experience. 

The team includes wealth advisors Bridget Tetak, Ross Weinberg, Sierra Brown, and Nazneen Kaka. They oversee $500 million in assets and specialize in portfolio management, retirement strategies, risk management, and estate strategies, primarily serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Attain Wealth Partners is known for its high-touch, tailored client approach to achieve long-term financial goals. By partnering with Kestra, the team benefits from a full-service support model, allowing them to focus on client relationships. Kestra will manage the firm’s transition to an independent business. Client assets will be custodied with Fidelity.

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Written By: John Washington, Data Research Analyst

John Washington is the Data Research Analyst at Dakota.


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