Bluespring Subsidiaries Merge to Form $1.4B Florida Firm


Bluespring Wealth Partners facilitated the merger of two of its partner firms, Retirement Wealth Specialists (RWS) and Security Financial Management (SFM), to form a significant wealth management hub in Florida. 

The merged entity will retain the SFM brand and will oversee approximately $1.4 billion in assets. SFM will operate across five locations within the state of Florida. The merger was driven by the geographical proximity of RWS and SFM, making it a strategic fit for both firms. 

Both RWS and SFM have been part of the Bluespring network for several years, benefiting from its support and resources. Bluespring's role in the merger shows its commitment to fostering growth and creating lasting value within its network of partner firms. New call-to-action

Written By: John Washington, Data Research Analyst

John Washington is the Data Research Analyst at Dakota.


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