The Top 10 RIAs in Seattle

RIAs are one of the most dynamic and fast growing channels for investment firms to sell their investment strategies to. The challenge has always been: “what RIAs invest in outside managers and are not investment managers themselves?”

Through our Dakota Marketplace database of RIAs, we have aimed to solve that problem by curating and vetting each RIA by hand and only showing those RIAs that are true prospects for an investment firm. This saves both the investment sales team member time, but also saves the “other” RIAs that don’t allocate to other managers from getting unnecessary emails and phone calls.

Below are a few RIAs in Seattle that we thought you might like to know. For a more detailed list of RIAs in Seattle, click here to see for free.

1. Parametric Portfolio Associates LLC

AUM: $428,918,167,506

2. Cascade Investment

AUM: $70,000,000,000

3. Brighton Jones

AUM: $10,050,806,699

4. Freestone Capital Management

AUM: $8,929,179,793

5. Cercano Management

AUM: $8,035,585,163

6. Coldstream Wealth Management, Inc.

AUM: $7,219,304,893

7. Columbia Pacific Wealth Management

AUM: $6,062,687,271

8. Laird Norton Wealth Management

AUM: $4,869,125,652

9. Pacific Portfolio Consulting

AUM: $4,531,801,840

10. Financial Advocates

AUM: $4,378,530,870

For a more detailed list of all RIAs in Seattle click here to see for free.

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Written By: Morgan Holycross, Marketing Manager

Morgan Holycross is a Marketing Manager at Dakota.


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