Top 10 RIA Firms in the Austin Metro Area

If you're in investment sales, you likely already know that one of the biggest problems of selling to the RIA (Registered Investment Adviser) marketplace is the sheer size of it.

The RIA market across the United States consists of over 36,000 firms, which means that while there are more than enough to choose from when looking for new clients, narrowing down the list to only those that allocate to outside managers is going to be key.

Here at Dakota, we’ve raised over $6 billion from over 350 RIAs, and that has been possible because we qualify and curate our list to only RIAs that allocate to outside managers.

In an effort to help narrow down the sheer size of the market, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 RIAs in each major metro area across the country. To determine our list, we looked for three things:

  1. An AUM above $200 million
  2. A dedicated analyst team
  3. An RIA that actively allocates capital to outside investment management firms

We have qualified 16 RIAs with AUMs ranging from $1.6B to $130M in Austin that meet our criteria.

Below are the top 10 RIAs from that list. However, this is by no means a “best of” list, as there are so many high quality RIAs in Austin and around the country. We just wanted to give you a place to start.

1. Legacy One Financial Advisors

AUM: $1,568,157,919

From Legacy One Financial Advisors themselves, their vision is to be your sole trusted advisor, attending to the details of your financial life, legacy planning and insurance needs. To partner with you to clarify your dreams, goals and values and to help you pursue financial security. To provide excellent service in such a way that you feel naturally inclined to refer your family and friends.

2. Venturi Private Wealth

AUM: $1,200,850,000

Venturi Private Wealth bring more to the table than typical wealth managers, focusing on more than just typical investments. Things that truly matter most, like philanthropy and estate planning. And strategies that build generational wealth. Lasting, sustainable wealth.

3. Austin Asset Management

AUM: $1,176,798,438

Austin Asset Management changes the expectation of what Austin Wealth Management services look like by making it objective, honest, and focused on your needs - not theirs. They enter every client relationship with the expectation of delivering top-tier Austin wealth management services strategy – for life. Their clients’ financial growth and security is the foundation of what they do. They are focused on growing and evolving with you and view ourselves as partners in your financial success.

4. Durbin Bennett Wealth

AUM: $1,040,851,270

In Durbin Bennett Wealth's own words, they were founded by entrepreneurs and have a long history of working with business owners, families, and individuals in Austin, Texas. They are a local firm with national recognition that offers a wide range of services suited for individuals, executives, entrepreneurs, families, and those with generational wealth. Their professional team’s expertise is broad and deep so we understand the complex and unique nature of each client’s circumstances. Whether you own a startup or are a Fortune 500 executive, whether you are building wealth or managing generational wealth, they have custom solutions for you.

5. Brainard Capital Management

AUM: $894,100,491

From Brainard Capital Management's website, they're an investment advisory firm registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. They are an independent boutique dedicated to providing superior investment solutions and advice to a select group of individual and family office clients.

6. FMP Wealth Advisers

AUM: $809,139,203

According to FMP Wealth Advisers, they're a group of experienced and talented individuals who are committed to serving you in a different way. At FMP, personal wealth management means combining a customized financial plan, investment management, and a personal relationship with the collective intent of helping you achieve your financial goals

7. Waterloo Capital Management

AUM: $720,873,094

From Waterloo Capital Management themselves, they're your personal team of experts who take a holistic approach to wealth management. Wealth management is multi-faceted, and believes your plan should be tailored to your unique objectives in order to be successful. From financial planning to private and public investments, Waterloo Capital designs intelligent wealth solutions that work for you.

8. WorthPointe

AUM: $692,701,264

WorthPointe's intention is to provide their clients with diversified, cost-efficient and tax-aware investments. Because they are a NAPFA-certified, fee-only financial advising firm, they're not paid to sell products that may not be the best fit for your investment plan. They believe the returns on your investments should be risk-assessed and evaluated based on your individual risk tolerance. At the end of the day, you should feel confident that your wealth is working for you.

9. Austin Private Wealth

AUM: $578,980,483

Austin Private Wealth is an independent, fee-only advisory firm that sits on the same side of the table with you; not just some but all of the time. For more than 10 years, they have strived to build deep, trusted relationships as they develop an understanding of their clients' goals and provide professional insights on the things that matter most.

10. Alpha Capital Management

AUM: $543,157,782

Alpha Capital Management is an Austin, Texas based independent asset management firm providing comprehensive wealth building services to individuals, families, endowments and trusts. They understand the desire to grow, preserve, and transfer wealth in a manner consistent with one’s values and unique life goals. Their fiduciary commitment guides their actions in the best interest of their clients. We educate and steward their clients with their investment needs and goals. They understand success is defined as a partnership with their clients in achieving their investment goals.

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Written By: Gui Costin, Founder, CEO

Gui Costin is the Founder and CEO of Dakota.


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