The Top Job Sites for Investment Management Jobs

To work in the investment management industry is a real gift. Whether it’s on the long-only side working with world-class stock pickers or on the private side working with investors who both know how to identify great companies and help grow them post investment, it’s an amazing industry.

The jobs within the investment management industry range from fundraising, sales, investor relations, consultants relations, key accounts, foundations and endowments sales, analyst, portfolio management, operations, HR, finance, product marketing and product development just to name a few.

What’s a little crazy is that there is constant turnover in the industry on the sales and distribution side of the business. Raising capital is tough, not to mention for an investment firm finding the right people to focus on the right channels for a specific strategy is not always easy. Throw in market volatility, and in some cases a lack of money in motion, investment firms get frustrated and can be quick to pull the trigger on sales people. This leads to the need for ease of finding job opportunities or openings.

The problem, however, is finding the right opportunity is not that easy, because most investment firms are small to medium size businesses, and there are over 12,000 globally. Most opportunities are relationship driven introductions through each firm's network. Of course not all, but with so many firms out there, it’s not easy to find opportunities.

One of the big reasons is that there has not been a dedicated job board focused exclusively on the investment management industry. Job boards tend to be general in nature and lack the specifics of the exact role investment firms are looking to fill.

So the challenge stands - working in the investment management industry is a dream, but with a vast array of firms and no central place to find a role for your skill set, what is someone to do? We have identified a handful of job sites for you to review to see which ones might give you the opportunity to post a job and apply for a job within the investment management industry. Some are more general and some have a greater vertical focus.

In this article we are reviewing the top job sites for investment management jobs. By the end of this, you’ll have a better understanding of each as well as pricing.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

The LinkedIn Talent Solutions platform is expertly crafted to streamline the hiring process for those in the investment management sector, facilitating the discovery of top-tier candidates, ensuring your vacancies reach the ideal audience, and enhancing your firm's visibility.

This suite offers three distinct services tailored for the investment industry job market - LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, and LinkedIn Career Pages, each designed to address specific recruitment needs within the investment management realm.

LinkedIn Recruiter 

LinkedIn Recruiter is a hiring platform that allows investment management firms to efficiently source, connect with, and manage qualified candidates. You have the ability to hire the right people with advanced search filters and matching capabilities. More importantly, you can manage your candidate pipeline with collaboration and analytics tools amongst your hiring team. 

With their advanced sourcing capabilities, you can search for any candidate on LinkedIn using over 40 filters and keywords. Another unique way to source through candidates on LinkedIn is their recommended matches based on your hiring goals. After seeing your candidates, connect with them and manage your pipeline. 

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs stands out as a pivotal job posting tool within the investment industry job boards, enabling firms to highlight their open positions directly on LinkedIn. This feature is instrumental in connecting with suitable candidates by leveraging targeted sourcing and prioritization.

It allows for detailed job descriptions that attract the right talent, using criteria such as location, industry expertise, skill set, and experience level to ensure a match with qualified investment professionals. The platform's promotional tools and the #Hiring feature further amplify your job's visibility to relevant job seekers, facilitating a streamlined applicant review process.

LinkedIn Career Pages

LinkedIn Career Pages is a media-rich page to tell your company’s story, drive awareness, and spotlight your job opportunities. It is especially useful for increasing the brand and culture of your company for possible candidates to assess if they’re a good fit.

For investment firms aiming to bolster their brand and culture, LinkedIn Career Pages offer a dynamic space to showcase your company's ethos, values, and opportunities. This tool is invaluable for creating a compelling first impression, attracting top talent in the investment management industry by providing a rich media narrative of your company's culture and ethos.


Free Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs allows you to post a free job. One thing to note is you are only permitted one free job to be open at a time. This is visible in search results and to your connections.

Promoted jobs 

Promoted jobs are shown in search results (specifically at the top), grant you applicant management tools to filter applicants, top placement in job recommendations, instant alert notifications to qualified candidates, and notifications to you regarding if your job post has an applicant that matches your criteria.

Dakota Talent

Dakota Talent is the first investment management industry job board. It is specifically dedicated to sales, marketing, and distribution roles. If you raise money for a living or service clients for an investment firm, Dakota Talent is your number one source to find qualified candidates and / or qualified opportunities.

We decided to create Dakota Talent due to the overwhelming demand from our customers of Dakota Marketplace as part of our mission to make the lives of investment managers easier.

If you’re an investment firm looking for qualified candidates, Dakota Talent gives you the capability to post a job down to the finite details of investment focus, location, number of employees, required skills and more.

If you’re a candidate looking for qualified opportunities, you are able to source through investment management specific listings based on unique skills, companies, or tags, job type, time of post, location, firm type and more. 

It’s important to note that all professional profiles are created by the individual professional and not Dakota.


There are a few options for Dakota Talent pricing -

  • A single job posting is free for a limited time, and will be live on Dakota Talent for 30 days!
  • A featured job post and company is $500 a month. This includes your company logo on the home page of Dakota Talent for 30 days, and a featured job post for 30 days. In addition, your job listing will be distributed on Google Jobs Network.


Indeed, established as a trusted job site since 2004, stands as a pivotal resource for firms in the investment management industry seeking to streamline their recruitment process from start to finish. With its robust platform, Indeed offers tailored solutions designed to connect investment management firms with the right talent through two main offerings: Indeed for Employers and Indeed.

Indeed for Employers is specifically engineered to meet the unique hiring needs of the investment management sector. This solution allows firms to post job openings with precision, utilizing customizable screening tools and assessments to refine the pool of candidates. This feature is particularly beneficial for investment management roles, where specific skills and experience are paramount. Indeed enhances the recruitment experience by automatically prioritizing applicants who meet your specified criteria, positioning them at the forefront of your recruitment dashboard. This enables hiring managers to efficiently identify and progress with candidates who possess the qualifications essential for success in the investment management field.

By leveraging Indeed's comprehensive job posting and candidate management features, investment management firms can effectively navigate the vast talent landscape, ensuring they attract and engage the most qualified professionals for their business needs.


Free Listing

Free listings on Indeed are featured in relevant job seeker search results, however, will move further down the list as new jobs are added.

Paid Job Listing 

A paid job listing on Indeed remains in their optimal visibility search results for as long as their sponsorship lasts. It is important to note that you’ll only pay for quality applications that meet your minimum criteria once set. 

With a sponsorship, you can set a fixed amount to fund your job while the post is active. This starts at $5 a day, or $150 a month.

Other subscription options

  • In order to receive 30 contracts per month this is $120 per month, or $1,150 per year
  • In order to receive 100 contracts per month this is $300 per month, or $2,880 per year

Job Blast | FundFire

Job Blast is a specialized talent acquisition tool dedicated to the asset management sector, offering a unique approach to connecting with a broad spectrum of investment management professionals. This innovative platform ensures that your job listings are prominently featured in the news emails and on the websites of FundFire and Ignites, two key resources within the investment management community.

Designed with the investment management industry in mind, Job Blast caters specifically to firms seeking to enhance their visibility among both active and passive job seekers. By integrating your job listings into the daily flow of industry news and updates, Job Blast ensures that your opportunities are directly presented to a highly targeted audience.

Upon purchasing your job listings from Job Blast, they will remain active on the FundFire and Ignites websites for a full four weeks, and highlighted in their email distributions for one week. This extended visibility period increases the likelihood of your listing catching the eye of top-tier talent within the investment management industry.


To purchase job ads for Job Blast there are several options - 

  • 1 ad is a $2,195 fee
  • 5 ads is a $10,425 fee
  • 10 ads is a $19,755 fee
  • 15 ads is a $27,985 fee
  • 20 ads is a $35,120 fee

We hope this article helps, and good luck finding great candidates or finding your next dream job!

To learn more about the first investment management industry job board, visit Dakota Talent.

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Written By: Morgan Holycross, Marketing Manager

Morgan Holycross is a Marketing Manager at Dakota.