The Top Form ADV Databases for Investment Sales Professionals

In the complex world of investment sales, transparency and regulatory compliance are paramount. One of the key tools ensuring this transparency is Form ADV. Form ADV is a comprehensive document that RIAs must file with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

For investment sales professionals in the investment management industry, understanding and utilizing Form ADV is crucial as it helps them with various things from conducting due diligence, evaluating potential partners, building trust with clients, and identifying opportunities. Given the importance of Form ADV, having a robust database that contains this information is critical.

In this article, we are reviewing the top Form ADV Databases to help you make an informed decision. By the end of this, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the databases below, and which may complement your team the most!

1. SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure

The SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (IAPD) database is a crucial tool provided by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), offering public access to the Form ADV filings of registered investment advisers, helping investors and professionals make informed decisions based on comprehensive regulatory information.

From the SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website, you can search for an Investment Adviser firm and view the Form ADV filled by the adviser. Also available is the ability to search FINRA’s BrokerCheck system and indicate whether an entity is a Brokerage firm. Individual investment adviser representatives can be searched and their professional background and conduct can be viewed.

2. FINRA BrokerCheck

BrokerCheck provides easy access to investment adviser information in order to help make informed choices about brokers and brokerage firms. It can tell you whether a person or firm is registered to sell securities and offer investment advice, as required by law.

Some of the information provided includes a snapshot of the broker’s employment history, regulatory actions, and investment-related licensing information, arbitrations, and complaints. BrokerCheck is a free tool to be used to research the background and experiences of financial brokers, advisers, and firms.

3. RIA Database

RIA Database offers in-depth data, data integrations and software solutions for all advisor channels. It provides access to detailed data, analytics, and insights on every financial advisor across the country. All security holdings data is captured on a quarterly basis and mapped to each RIA firm, making it searchable and downloadable with key contact information.

4. Adviser Info Database

The Adviser Info Database is a leading platform designed to provide detailed and up-to-date information on investment advisers. It aggregates and organizes Form ADV filings, making it easier for financial professionals and investors to access critical data for due diligence, compliance, and research purposes.

Adviser Info Database is an easy to use interface allowing users to search and access specific Form ADV filings and relevant information relating to investment advisers. In addition, there are advanced search functions to filter by adviser name, SEC registration number, location, and more.

5. Dakota Marketplace

Dakota Marketplace is a leading resource for accessing detailed information on investment advisers, designed to streamline research and due diligence processes for financial professionals. It aggregates and organizes Form ADV filings, along with other critical data, to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.

The platform has incorporated Form ADV into Dakota Marketplace for every Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). Users can run filters on various aspects of the filing, including client base, assets under management (AUM), marketing practices, custodians, private fund coverage, and more. You can check out the reports already built for you in the customer reports folder on the reports tab, designed to help users quickly access critical information and insights.

Dakota Marketplace is an all-in-one solution providing investment sales teams with complete and accurate information to help accelerate fundraising efforts. As the only database built for fundraisers by fundraisers, Dakota Marketplace has a mission to make fundraising easier.

What are you waiting for?

Each of these databases offers unique features and benefits, catering to different needs within the investment advisory field. Whether you are conducting due diligence, ensuring regulatory compliance, or seeking to build trust with clients, these databases provide the critical information necessary to make well-informed, strategic decisions. By choosing the right platform, you can enhance your research processes and support your investment advisory efforts effectively!

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Written By: Morgan Holycross, Marketing Manager

Morgan Holycross is a Marketing Manager at Dakota.


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