The Top Family Office Databases for 2023

We have assembled a list of Family Office databases. Let us be clear, the completeness and accuracy of the contact data is what drives the most value to a potential user.

The key things we look for in any database for cold outreach is 1) completeness across all global geographies; and 2) the accuracy of the contact information. Since we cannot see inside each database, you will have to demo each database to see if it meets those criteria.

In this article, we are reviewing the top Family Office Databases for 2023. By the end of this post you’ll have a better understanding of which platform may be best for you and your needs. Below is the list of top Family Office databases.

WealthBriefing Family Office

WealthBriefing’s Database provides a detailed profile of single family offices both regionally and globally. Data included on each family office includes identity of the SFO, the AUM, an analytical description, the role of the family office whether it’s investment strategies or asset allocations, and Family’s Private Foundations.

There are several types of family offices included with this subscription:

  • Family offices for an individual or a single family with AUM ranging from $50M-$25B
  • Sovereign family offices for a member of a ruling family of certain countries 
  • Family-owned investment companies whose role is to invest in a range of enterprises in the capital markets
  • A small number of “double-single” family offices where two families have partnered to form a joint family office which is closed to other families 

Pricing is not disclosed on WealthBriefing’s website, you’ll need to contact them directly for more information.

Family Office List

Family Office List has been around for 21 years and continues to prove itself as a profitable and time-saving tool to their clients. Their team works directly with customers to customize their needs for reaching Family Office Investors. Within the platform, you’ll get access to 3,279 offices and 6,401 contacts.

Pricing varies based on what subscription you wish to acquire:

  • Global is $2,955 annually and includes all contacts worldwide 
  • North America is $1,995 annually and includes access to USA and Canadian contacts 
  • International is $1,995 annually and includes contacts worldwide, excluding the USA

Family Office Databases

Family Office Databases offers the longest running and most credible database of family offices, they pride themselves on accuracy through confirming all listings through phone, email, or web within the last 6 months. Their database is institutional quality and contains over 24,000 listings across multi-family offices, single-family offices, wealth management firms, fund of funds, endowments, and pension funds. 

Pricing for access to one database is $997 for 30 days, two databases is $1,450 for 30 days, and all 53 databases is $1,997 for 30 days. Family Office Databases also offers all 53 and excel files for $3,994 for 30 days.

Highworth Research

Founded in 2007, Highworth Research coins themself as a pioneer in international family offices research. Their clients include leading asset managers, private banks, investment banks, and professional advisory firms. Internationally, they are the largest online database for single family offices. 

With the platform subscription, you’ll be able to access the identity of the single family office, identity of the family, AUM, an analytical description of the single family office, personnel by name and job position, asset allocations, and lastly a focus on alternatives. 

Highworth Research Database offers flexible access to any 4 regions: Global, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Pricing is not disclosed on their website, so you’ll need to contact them directly. 

Family Office Hub 

Family Office Hub provides a list of the largest 400 US Single Family Offices. With this list you’ll receive 432 Single Family Offices, 255 including an email address, and 388 with executive names. This list is an important source for investment professionals around the world. 

Family Office Hub is offered through an Excel file or an instant download at $755.

Family Office Data

Family Office Database is the family office database from Massinvestor and the number one source for tracking investment offices of the wealthy. The database provides you information on 940+ Single Family Offices. Throughout your subscription your data will be continuously updated with the ability to perform searches and export your data to a PDF or Excel. If you're looking to raise capital for investments and find new limited partners for Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds and Real Estate opportunities, Family Office Database is for you. The Database is also a perfect resource for non-profits seeking mega donors for Philanthropic endeavors.

Family Office Database is $595 per year. 

Dakota Marketplace Family Offices

Dakota Marketplace is a comprehensive database of Family Offices with over 1,000 in the US ranging in size from $25 billion all the way down to $25 million.

Dakota's Family Office database a global reach with over 500 family offices in 27 countries.

Start your free trial with Dakota Marketplace below to explore more on Family Offices.

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Written By: Morgan Holycross, Marketing Manager

Morgan Holycross is a Marketing Manager at Dakota.


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