The Top 13F Databases for 2023

Through this report we’ve listed the positive and negative attributes for several different 13F filings databases Registered Investment Advisory firms (RIA) are required to file 13F filings to the SEC to report their holdings and updated portfolio positions. RIA firms are required to report once the portfolio reaches $100M AUM. Research was conducted through information available on Google and information provided through Dakota newsletters. Some of the databases required a requested demo or required a purchase, therefore not all information was attainable. Each separate product is broken down into pros and cons.

In this article we are reviewing the top Databases for 13F fillings. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of the 13F Databases out there and which will be a good fit for you.


Pulled from their website, WhaleWisdom has over 20 years of 13F data, 15 years of Schedule 13D and 13G filing data, and Form 4 insider transaction data. With this 13F database, you’ll be able to use the backtesting tool to try different trading strategies from others on the market and access tools for research to identify outperforming managers, search current and historical insider transactions, and look at past manager performance data from 13F disclosures. 

WhaleScore is used to identify funds with the best chance to outperform the market, and WhaleIndex is used to create a portfolio of the most commonly held stocks in the best funds. This 13F database is a great platform for any investor looking to closely follow funds who have done exceptionally well in the market consistently. 

Depending on the subscription you choose, pricing will differ. See below for annual rates: 

  • Free: 
    • View past two-years of 13F data, email alerts, fund groups, stock watchlists, backtesting using the past two years of 13F data, and access to most tools on the site
  • Standard: $300/year
    • No ads, access to 13F data going back to 2001 for up to 50 funds and 50 stocks every 90 days, API access, Fund Groups up to 10 members, Stock Watchlists up to 10 stocks, global holdings, dashboard search with excel export, excel add-in, access to WhaleIndex and WhaleScore. 
  • Pro: $500/year
    • Everything from the Standard subscription plus access to 13F data up to 200 funds and 200 stocks every 90 days, Fund Groups up to 50 members per group, Stock Watchlists up to 50 stocks per list, access to combined holdings report, full access to WhaleTrader, and access to all advanced Backtester features. 
  • Enterprise: contact WhaleWisdom for pricing 
    • Up to 5 members per account, unlimited 13F data through API, nightly FTP files for 13F and Schedule 13D/G.

Opportunity Hunter

Opportunity Hunter is a product from Broadridge that has distribution insights. In their own words, they identify opportunities by comparing product characteristics against other products held by a prospect. 

Their data is from Morningstar and contains 200+ data points for easy browsing in one space. Opportunity Hunter is best for an investment sales person who is looking to see which firm best fits their strategy. 

Pricing is not available on their website so you will need to contact Broadridge for this information. 

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SEC API’s database of 13F filings dates back to 2013. From their website, SEC API is the gateway to search the latest SEC filings and gain access to all corporate documents from the SEC EDGAR archive since 1994. You’ll be able to access the name of the issuer, title of the securities class, CUSIP of the holding, value of the holding in dollar, number of shares bought or sold, and more parameters. 

This database is best for an investment sales person to access all 150 SEC filings types in real time. The SEC API platform offers a free trial in their sandbox before commiting to a full subscription. 

Pricing is dependent on the subscription plan you choose, and come with unlimited access to all their APIs: 

  • Free:
    • First 100 APIs
  • Personal & Startups: $588
    • If you have less than 5 employees, individual developers, and researchers at universities
  • Business Internal Use: $2,388
    • This subscription covers business use cases for internal usage 
  • Enterprise & Institutions: contact SEC API for custom plans 
    • For anyone looking to redistribute a license, multiple API keys per account, have priority level 1 support, or unlimited data volume


The AlphaResearch platform allows you to screen through millions of filings and text documents in a short amount of time. With a subscription, you’ll have document search using an AI-powered search engine, access to global institutional-grade fundamental data, market data, news and analyst’s estimates for financial modeling and stock research, and access to analysis on insights from texts and traditional fundamental data. 

In their own words, AlphaResearch is best for investors looking to collect information from unstructured texts, filings, and earnings call transcripts. Uniquely, they offer a free trial of the platform so you can explore and become familiar with the data. There are two options for a subscription:

  • Basic: $49.99 /month
    • Covers the US markets, can document search SEC filings, press releases, and earnings call transcripts, receive alerts on documents and filings screeners, see trending topics and sentiment analysis, news watch, analysis on insider transactions and institutional ownerships, and ETF and Mutual Fund Holdings. 
  • Enterprise: contact Alpha Research for custom pricing 
    • Everything in the basic subscription in addition to global coverage, document search for SEC, Sedar, Company House, International filings, Press releases, Earnings call transcripts, and research reports, global fundamentals and estimates, global equity screener, excel and google sheets add–on, and SLA.

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13F Info

13F Info contains all 13F data from EDGAR that is publicly available from SEC filings. With this platform you can easily search filings by names of managers, compare quarterly 13f filings to see specific weights and values, and view easily displayed information on the filings themselves. 

13F Info is good for any investment sales professional looking to understand 13f filings from quarter to quarter. This platform is free, although there are no financial models or graphs and the information is pretty generalized. 

Form 13F Data

Form 13F Data is a site that allows you to extract lists without having to do so for the quarterly reports to the SEC. Each quarter per year is available to purchase, and you’ll receive a list of 13f securities in a PDF, a CSV file, and Excel sheet. 

To see if this is what will work best for you, or is what you’re looking for Form 13F Data allows a free partial sample file for download.

Dakota Marketplace - 13F Filings

Dakota Marketplace contains data around 13F obtained through Our in house data team ensures that the information is accurate and updated in real time. 

Within Dakota Marketplace we have tagged the 13F Filings to every entity that is registered with the SEC. You can see exactly which RIAs are holding various ETFs, Closed-end funds and BDCs. This data is reportable against asset class, ticker and much more!

To explore the Dakota Marketplace platform and our 13F Filings, start your free trial here.

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Written By: Morgan Holycross, Marketing Manager

Morgan Holycross is a Marketing Manager at Dakota.


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