The 7 Largest Allocations From Q3 Made to Hedge Fund of Funds

One of the biggest challenges faced by alternative investment sales professionals within the fund of fund channel is knowing the underlying fund’s area of focus, and who to call on.

As fund of funds differentiate themselves based on their skill of identifying, evaluating, and monitoring managers, they often have a large number of specialized analysts with an often global footprint.

Fund of funds are often able to invest early, move quicker, and allocate larger amounts than many other allocators and should be a key area of focus for every alternative strategy across its lifecycle. 

At Dakota, we’ve been raising capital within the fund of funds channel since 2006, and have raised over $30 billion dollars over the last fourteen years. In that time we’ve also established Dakota Marketplace, an institutional investor database of accounts and contacts that houses all of this information.

To help you narrow down the size of the channel, we’ve put together a list of the largest allocations made in Q3 to fund of fund platforms that focus on hedge fund strategies.

1. Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company

Total Allocations: $258,261,701

AUM: $80,000,000,000

Metro: Austin

2. Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Total Allocations: $32,570,429

AUM: $1,881,062,106

Metro: New York City

3. Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Inc

Total Allocations: $17,635,053

AUM: $275,000,000

Metro: Tampa

4. Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT)

Total Allocations: $15,693,000

AUM: $1,400,000,000

Metro: Dallas

5. The Pittsburgh Foundation  

Total Allocations: $4,053,144

AUM: $1,200,000,000

Metro: Pittsburgh

6. University System of New Hampshire & Foundations

Total Allocations: $2,009,000

AUM: $803,000,000

Metro: Manchester, NH

7. Dallas Foundation

Total Allocations: $1,489,043

AUM: $420,000,000

Metro: Dallas 

To find out more about these firms, or view the full list of Fund of Funds, we'd love to offer you a free trial of Dakota Marketplace.

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Written By: Gui Costin, Founder, CEO

Gui Costin is the Founder and CEO of Dakota.


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