Institutional Investor Databases: Common Contract FAQ's

As Dakota Marketplace continues to grow and bring on more subscribers and clients, there are a few questions we receive about the product and corresponding contract that pop up time and time again. In an effort to be as transparent and accessible to our future partners as possible, we put together a quick list of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Dakota Marketplace contract, so that when it comes time to make a decision, it’s that much easier for you to get up and running with Marketplace.

1. What third party services are integrated into Marketplace?

Our contract includes a section that talks about the features Dakota adds and removes from third parties. This is one area of the agreement that causes questions among potential customers who are worried about losing functionality throughout the duration of their contract. However, the only third party service currently incorporated into Marketplace is Google Maps.

We have a feature within Marketplace that allows you to search for allocators by metro area, so that if you’re planning a trip to a particular city and are planning your meetings for a day, you’re able to see which other investors are in the same area. This allows you to make the best use of your time, and to schedule more meetings within the same general area.

If, for unforeseen reasons, Dakota was to lose that service, we would look for an alternative mapping solution, so no functionality would be lost to the user.

2. What usage data do you collect?

Here at Dakota, we track activity on the platform in order to know which functionality within Marketplace is getting the most use. We do this on an aggregated and anonymized basis to best serve our clients, and maintain and improve upon the interfaces that are getting the most traffic. This is our way of listening to our customers as they tell us what the most valuable aspects of Marketplace are, so that we can make sure the data is as up to date and useful to them as possible.

However, on a user level, the only thing we track is logins. This allows us to see who is interacting with the platform and to alert our Customer Success team to reach out if we have not seen any logins for a period of time.

3. How would we (the customer) provide feedback?

We are open to and welcoming of feedback on our system, and there are a couple of ways to provide it. The first way is organically through conversations with a member of the Dakota team, either through an on-boarding or check in meeting, or other conversations or emails with a team member. Another way to provide feedback is by logging a case directly into the platform, through the Cases feature. This allows you to send recommended updates or changes to data within the system. This helps create a community effect amongst users as they submit changes for the greater user group as a whole to benefit from.

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Written By: Tim Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Tim Brown is the Chief Financial Officer at Dakota.