5 Benefits of Adding an Additional Marketplace User

If you’re a Marketplace member, chances are you already know the benefits that come from a Marketplace subscription

If you’re not a Marketplace member, well, don’t take our word for it — in a recent survey, 75% of our members reported that they scheduled a significant number of meetings over the last three to six months because of Marketplace. 

There’s a definite benefit to streamlining your time and focusing solely on setting meetings rather than researching who to call on, which is exactly what Marketplace allows you to do. 

By getting the whole team involved, you’ll see more potential leads and meetings than ever before. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the major benefits our users have encountered after adding additional users to their Marketplace instance. Of course, as the provider of Marketplace, we know what you’re thinking: do they just want us to spend more money? 

And that’s a fair question! But we’re here first and foremost to help you make the decision whether or not adding another user is right for you. 

Benefits of adding an additional Dakota Marketplace user

  1. Adding more users means more leads. When you have more people working within a database platform, you’re going to see more results. Our recent survey showed that 75% of users have scheduled three meetings in the last six months due to Marketplace. As you add more users to the platform, more people are using the data and scheduling meetings, the more meetings you are going to be able to set up.

  2. Your sales team can become more strategic within multiple channels. You can establish different teams based on specific channels (RIAs, institutional, consultants, etc.) This will allow your team to become laser-focused on each channel, so that you can start setting up more meetings within each one. Setting up a planned, strategic way of setting up meetings allows the team to be more in sync, organized, and will lead to more meetings and sales.

  3. Increased collaboration and efficiency both within and outside of the sales team. Some of our members have added licenses for their Business Development team in addition to their sales team, and have seen great success in aligning the two teams. Since it is often the role of business development to research leads to pass to sales, having them in the system streamlines that process and allows for them to work in tandem through the existing, qualified leads within Marketplace.

  4. More users means more access to the replays of Dakota Live! Calls. This is one of the most popular features within Marketplace, as the calls provide valuable insight into the accounts and contacts within Marketplace, and the Dakota Live! Calls help bring that data to life. Because no two users can be logged in at the same time, having the additional user means that one person can be doing the research within Marketplace, and one can be logged in listening to the replays and gaining insights that way.

  5. Every user can build out their own preferences, specific to their needs through favorites, as well as create lists that are customized to them. This makes the data more accessible and easy to manage for each individual user, whereas sharing just one account would be relying on only one person’s preferences as you navigate through the system. By creating your own, you’ll increase efficiency as you set up calls and meetings. 

Ultimately, the biggest value is that the more users you have looking at the data, the more people you have doing outreach to schedule meetings. 

Who else should be added to the platform?

While Marketplace is primarily used by investment sales teams, it can be used by anyone in the firm, including people who handle:

  • Calls: If someone is setting up calls, knowing who to call and how to reach them is the first step, all of which can be found easily within Marketplace.

  • Data and Reports building: Anyone running reports on accounts and contacts for the team can benefit from the reports feature within Marketplace, which features an easy to use data and reporting interface.

  • Setting meetings with prospects: This could be anyone from the Sales or Business Development teams. If you’re setting and attending meetings with prospects, it all starts with knowing who to meet with.

How much does an additional user license cost?

Adding an additional user is $1,000 per user per year.

Is adding an additional user right for me?

While it depends on the size and needs of each individual firm, adding users to your Marketplace subscription can result in a more streamlined process for setting up meetings with the right people. If you have a broad team with each person focusing on a different channel, or a variety of teams setting calls and meetings, adding additional users will not only increase collaboration and efficiency, but it will save your team time and money in the end. 

Time formerly spent researching and filling in data gaps can now be spent doing outreach to the people who buy what you sell with a free trial of Dakota Marketplace.

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Written By: Gui Costin, Founder, CEO

Gui Costin is the Founder and CEO of Dakota.


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