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Marketplace is an institutional investor database that provides investment salespeople a complete, accurate and up-to-date set of allocators to call on. Marketplace eliminates the need to research web sites trying to figure out the right analysts to call on.

What makes Marketplace different from other databases
Marketplace is built and updated by Dakota's fundraising team who has used the same data to raise over $35 billion. Marketplace is a complete database of qualified accounts and contacts across the Institutional, RIA & Intermediary channels.

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Institutional Investor Database

Marketplace provides the most actionable data I have ever encountered in my 15+ years in the business. It is abundantly clear that Marketplace is built by salespeople for salespeople. I am continuously amazed at its rapid prospect expansion and its real-time updates on the appropriate decision makers. It is an incredible time saver that lets you concentrate on selling, not researching prospects!  

Geoffrey Irungu, Stephens Investment Management

All I can say is, Dakota Data ROCKS!!!

Tod Perry, Algorithmic Investment Models (AIM)

Dakota by far the most tailored system out there in terms of information with respect with Investors who are seeking to meet for new managers and looking for new offerings. Beyond just the data, which is important…the culture and the people at your firm know what it’s like to be in our chair. Raising assets, trying to build relationships with allocators and pools of capital. 

Andres Sandate, Altera

What is Dakota Marketplace?

Dakota Marketplace is based upon the belief that the larger number of qualified buyers a business has, the more revenue they will generate. We believe the thing that matters most to a business is their total addressable market (TAM) of companies that buy what they sell. It’s a belief that investment distribution has changed, salespeople are asked to cover more channels that ever before and don’t have the time to build their TAM from scratch. Marketplace provides an investment firm an instant TAM of qualified institutional investors.

The investment sales team at Dakota, a team that has raised over $30 billion since 2006, made the decision in 2019 to share their CRM with other investment salespeople by creating Dakota Marketplace, a “different” institutional investor database. Different because it’s a relatively small database that consists of a fully qualified set of institutional investors that use outside managers. Over 3,300 accounts and 11,000 contacts are accurate across all intermediary and institutional channels with the proper name, title, asset class coverage area, email and phone number, virtually eliminating any need for a salesperson to research or prospect.

A Database within a Database: One Source of RIA Truth

The RIA Channel is one of the most difficult channels to cover because they are spread out all over the country and because there is no one source of truth of who allocates to outside managers. Dakota Marketplace solves this problem as it contains a thorough and accurate database of 1,092 RIAs and MFOs that are qualified to use outside managers, virtually eliminating the need to visit RIA web sites to figure whether they are a prospect or not. Dakota's database of RIAs is unmatched in its depth and accuracy of information.


What is Dakota Marketplace not?


Dakota Marketplace is not a massive data set of 100,000+ accounts and contacts. It’s a highly selective group of investment allocators (~3,200 accounts, ~11,000 contacts) that an investment sales professional would want to call on to raise money. All accounts are verified that they allocate capital to outside managers. All accounts and contacts are updated daily by the Dakota Investments sales team.

How is the Marketplace data updated?


Marketplace is unique because the creators of the database use the database daily to raise money (Dakota Investments sales team), so it’s naturally updated by its users.

Additionally, Dakota created a system for updating the data in other ways: 1) We have a four person database administration team who updates the data daily; 2) We use an email bounce technology that runs daily to identifies bad emails addresses; 3) We use an email address updating technology to help us find new email addresses; and 4) we use LinkedIn to see when contacts change their LinkedIn profile and then we update the contacts in Marketplace.

What accounts and contacts does it include?


Intermediary Channels

Intermediary accounts and contacts include RIAs, Multi-Family Offices, Family Offices, Banks, Bank Trusts, Independent Broker Dealers, top Wirehouse Teams, Mutual Fund Sub-advisory and Insurance Sub-advisory.

Institutional Channels

Institutional accounts and contacts include Institutional Consultants, Alternative Investment Consultants, OCIOs, Foundations and Endowments, Public and Corporate Pension Funds, Insurance General Accounts, Fund of Funds, Hospital Endowments and many other specialized institutional pools of capital.

What types of firms use Marketplace?


Marketplace is built for investment sales professionals at any investment firm who raise capital across all asset classes, including long-only equities and fixed income, hedge funds, alternative strategies of all kinds and private equity, private real estate and private credit.

Investment firms that do not raise money each year, like a private equity fund, can still benefit from Marketplace as we have a service that syncs our Marketplace Data with their Salesforce, keeping their accounts and contacts updated on a daily basis, so when they need to raise capital their data is fresh.

How is Marketplace different from other institutional investor databases?


Each institutional investor database serves a specific purpose and has a focus. Prequin focuses on alternatives; RIA Database on RIAs and other intermediary channels; Discovery on RIAs and Insurance agents; Money Market Directory on institutions; FinSearches on Searches; MandateWire on searches; Genesis on sub advisory and IC Research on Institutional Consultants.

Dakota Marketplace has a different focus. Marketplace is focused on the investment sales professional and how they work. Investment sales professionals need to spend their time setting up meetings, not researching who to call on. We provide the investment sales professional a highly selective, accurate and up-to-date set of investment allocators to call on to set-up meetings. No research required.

Dakota Live! Past Calls are Located Within Marketplace


With over 70 Dakota Live! Calls and 9 Dakota Live! for Alternative Investment Strategies, all past content is located within Marketplace. That includes over 80 Allocator Interviews, 40 Metro Area Reviews and 85 Key Account Overviews. The content is conveniently located within each Metro Area, Account screen and Contact screen for easy viewing.

What does Marketplace cost?


Marketplace is $11,500 annually for two user licenses.

Does Marketplace include additional information on accounts?

Yes. We include Account Descriptions, which gives our members an in-depth understanding of an Account written by an investment sales professional. The key factor here is that the Account Descriptions are written by a peer in the industry, one of the Dakota Investment Sales Professionals, and they know what an investment salesperson wants to know about an account.

We include Investment Preferences where we check the boxes of whether a firm will invest in active management, private equity, private real estate, MLPs, private credit, infrastructure, muni’s, what type of fixed income, etc. So before calling a firm, you have a general idea of what they invest in. We include the name of the consultant(s) an allocator uses if they use a consultant.

We do not include any proprietary information on what firms are invested in unless that information is publicly available.


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Marketplace Contains Active Searches across all Channels

Quickly connect with allocators currently looking for the investment strategies you offer. The searches feature in Dakota Marketplace shows active allocator searches and the specific asset classes they’re looking for.

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Get In-Depth Account Information

Quickly access the critical information you need to gather before calling on a lead. From an in-depth description of the account to a detailed list of relevant contacts and the asset classes they cover, Dakota Marketplace puts it all at your fingertips.

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