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About Bridge Investment Group

Bridge is a leading alternative investment manager, diversified across specialized asset classes, with approximately $49.4 billion of assets under management as of September 30, 2023. Bridge combines its nationwide operating platform with dedicated teams of investment professionals focused on select U.S. verticals across real estate, credit, renewable energy and secondaries strategies.

What were you looking for in a data provider?

Bridge Investment Group's previous data provider often had stale contact information and seemingly only covered the larger allocators that are on every GP’s radar. They wanted a provider that routinely updated contact information and had a broader database of the small to middle market (i.e. firms with AUMs of $100m-$5b) as those are the hardest to efficiently uncover. 

Additionally, they were looking for a responsive team. Their prior data provider would take several business days to respond to even basic questions, so the Bridget team was looking for a provider that truly had things automated so contact information could get updated seamlessly.

What problems did Marketplace help you overcome?

Marketplace helped Bridge overcome their stale and outdated data, which led to an increase in commitments. 

Why was Marketplace the solution?

In addition to good reviews from our peer GPs, Bridge found Marketplace to be a great solution because it was user-friendly and integrated with their CRM. They also liked that Dakota is a “hungry” newcomer to the space, and is always looking to get better rather than be complacent with the product.

Currently, Bridge uses Marketplace in two ways:

    • To find the right contact information
    • To help with public meeting notes, which they used to pull from Google.
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What benefits and/or growth have you seen because of Dakota Marketplace?

Bridge Investment Group has been able to grow their commitments by using the accurate and up-to-date Marketplace contact information.


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