Without having to research any websites.

RIA Marketplace shows you exactly which RIAs to call on


No more struggling to figure out which RIAs/MFOs to call on.

No more working to figure out whether an RIA is a wealth manager or a money manager.

No more combing through RIA websites trying to find the right analysts to call on.

Database of Verified RIAs

Dakota RIA Marketplace is a "verified" database of 1,092 RIAs who allocate capital to outside managers. The sales team at Dakota, who has raised over $6B in the RIA channel, did the verifications as they personally know all 1,092 RIAs.

Spend your time scheduling meetings, not doing research for whom to call on.


Who built RIA Marketplace?


RIA Marketplace was built by and is maintained by the fundraising team at Dakota Investments, a team that has used RIA Marketplace to raise over $6 billion in the RIA channel alone.

The Dakota Investments sales team uses RIA Marketplace every day to set-up meetings and raise money.

This database only includes RIAs and MFOs that allocate capital to outside managers.

Is this a comprehensive
RIA Database?


No. This is NOT a comprehensive list of all 13,500+ SEC registered RIAs. This is a hand-crafted group of 1,092 RIAs that allocate to outside managers. The sales team at Dakota Investments spent 14 years culling this list down to only the RIAs that an investment salesperson should be calling on.

So, if you are an investment salesperson, this is the database that you want to use to target RIAs.

For Long-only


Does your firm have a mutual fund or manage a separate account? If so, 100% of this RIA database is for you. We have eliminated any research on your part. No more researching websites, just simply log into Dakota Marketplace RIA Edition and start emailing analysts to set-up meetings to introduce your strategy.

For Hedge Fund
L.P. Marketers


Do you market a hedge fund LP? If so, we have identified 440 RIAs in our RIA database that invest in hedge fund limited partnerships. We have 1,296 contacts that diligence hedge funds, so you can save time and only call on those RIAs that invest in hedge funds.

For Private
Equity Marketers


Do you market a private equity fund? If so, we have identified 475 RIAs in our RIA database that invest in private equity funds. We 1,390 contacts that diligence private equity funds, so you can save time and only call on those RIAs that invest in private equity.

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