Virginia Retirement System Commits $2.1B to Alts; Terminates Beach Point

The Virginia Retirement System (VRS) disclosed over $2.1 billion in new commitments at their August 28th IAC meeting. 

Within private equity, $125 million was allocated to LS Power Equity Partners V, $300 million was allocated to GTCR XIV, $200 million to CVC Capital Partner IX, $300 million to TA XV, and $200 million was allocated to NGP XIII .

Additionally, OHA Oak Hill Syndicated Loan, a fund of one investing in leveraged loans and high yield bonds, received a $585 million commitment. Multi-strategy hedge fund, Aksia Totsumen, received a $250 million commitment. And $200 million was committed to the real assets fund, Global Infrastructure Partners Fund V.

Also disclosed in the meeting, Beach Point Credit separate account was terminated. The market value of the account at the time of termination was approximately $628 million.

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Written By: Helen Bascom, Marketing Associate

Helen Bascom is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.


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