Seven-Person FA Team Joins RayJay


Raymond James has acquired a team of seasoned financial advisors from Morgan Stanley, including Nick Takahashi, James Zapotocky, Joshua Yocam, Luka Vasiljevic, Michael Ortega, Stephen Ellingsen, Sean Tsaconas, and senior client service associate Yalda Momeni. This team, which managed approximately $1.3 billion at Morgan Stanley, will now operate as Takahashi Retirement Group in Las Vegas. 

The Takahashi Retirement Group specializes in serving corporate executives, pre-retirees, and retirees. Takahashi, the managing director, brings over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. He started his career with Wachovia Securities and spent 11 years as a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Zapotocky and Tsaconas also have extensive experience, beginning their careers at Wells Fargo before transitioning to Morgan Stanley. Yocam worked at multiple firms before rejoining Morgan Stanley in 2018. Ellingsen, Ortega, and Vasiljevic started their careers at Morgan Stanley between 2016 and 2019.

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Written By: John Washington, Data Research Analyst

John Washington is the Data Research Analyst at Dakota.


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