Maryland Discloses $2B in New Investments

The Maryland State Retirement & Pension Systems disclosed thirteen commitments totaling $2.073 billion, according to materials from the February meeting.

$50 million was committed to Loop Capital Asset Management for a rate sensitive mandate, $500 million to Manning & Napier Advisors in a credit mandate, and $59 million to Ducenta Squared Asset Management in a credit mandate.

In real assets, $150 million was committed to DigitalBridge Partners III, $100 million to EQT Infrastructure VI, and $150 million to Tiverton Agrifinance III.

In private equity, $250 million was allocated to Whitehorse Liquidity Partners VI. Additionally, $163 million was allocated to undisclosed private equity co-investments. 

In private credit, $150 million was committed to NHTV II Kyoto Co-Investor, $100 million to HCR Potomac Fund II, and $35 million to GraMex Investment Holdings. 

In international equities, $300 million was committed to Silchester International Equity. And in US equities, $60 million to Isthmus Partners and $6 million to Summit Creek Advisors.

Of these commitments, five represent existing relationships for the pension fund, including Summit Creek Advisors, GraMex Investment Holdings, HCR Potomac, and Whitehorse Liquidity Partners. 

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Written By: Helen Bascom, Marketing Associate

Helen Bascom is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.