LACERS Commits $235M to Alts

According to meeting materials from the February 27th investment committee meeting, the Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System has approved 9 commitments to private equity and venture capital funds, totalling $235 million. 

In private equity, $50 million was allocated to Clearlake Capital Partners VIII. $40 million was allocated to MBK Partners Fund VI. $35 million was allocated to Platinum Equity Small Cap Fund II. $30 million was allocated to FS Equity Partners IX. $20 million was allocated to 3 Boomerang Capital I. 

In Venture Capital, $60 million was committed to General Catalyst funds. $15 million was directed to General Catalyst XII-Creation, $15 million to General Catalyst XII-Ignition, $22.5 million to General Catalyst XII-Endurance, and $7.5 million to the General Catalyst XII-Health Assurance fund.

General Catalyst has an existing general partner relationship with LACERS.

Investment consultant, Aksia, recommended the commitments. 

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Written By: Jane Bailey, Marketing Associate

Jane Bailey is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.


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