Illinois Municipal Approves $283M in Commitments

The Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) has approved a total of $283 million across five private equity funds, per a May 31st press release. 

$50 million was allocated to AUA Private Equity Fund III. IMRF has an existing relationship with AUA Private Equity Partners with $20 million in previous commitments. AUA is a minority-owned firm. 

$100 million was committed to H.I.G. Whitehorse Middle Market Lending Fund. An additional $35 million was committed to H.I.G. Capital Partners VII. IMRF has $101 million in aggregate investments in H.I.G. funds.

A commitment of £50M (approximately $62.5 million) was approved for Inflexion Enterprise Fund VI. IMRF has £637 in aggregate commitments with Inflexion.

Lastly, $35 million was allocated to Sterling Group Credit Fund III, a growth-focused fund strategy managed by The Sterling Group. IMRF is an existing investor in Sterling funds with $225 million in aggregate commitments. 

As of March 31, 2024, IMRF was valued at $54.1 billion.

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Written By: Jane Bailey, Marketing Associate

Jane Bailey is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.