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Dakota Marketplace is a complete database solution that integrates directly with your CRM.


Increase Sales Efficiency


Strengthen Your Outreach


Set More Meetings

Dakota provides leading investment firms with the data they need to meet their goals

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Eliminate stale and incomplete industry data

  • Stop wasting valuable time researching who to call on. Marketplace's robust account and contact data allows you to set more meetings without the research
  • No more waiting for data to be updated and validated: Marketplace is organized and updated by fundraisers that are in the market using the data every day
  • Access a complete database solution that covers all channels and plugs directly into your CRM

Dakota Marketplace eliminates stale and incomplete industry data by delivering a complete, accurate, and up-to-date database, saving your sales team an enormous amount of time.

How Dakota Marketplace works for you

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Maximize your time, set meetings with the right people, and learn how to stay up to date on industry insights with Dakota solutions.

  • Institutional, intermediary, and RIA accounts and contacts
  • 75+ allocator investment preferences across 10+ channels
  • Institution and platform search openings
  • Public Plan minutes
  • 1000+ investment manager presentations
  • Institutions and wealth 13F holdings and investment holdings
  • Institutional and intermediary fee analysis

The investment sales tools you need to help your firm grow

Maximize your time, set meeting with the right people, and learn how to stay up to date on industry insights with Dakota solutions. 

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Dakota Marketplace is a complete institutional, intermediary, and RIA database with over 10,000 accounts and 34,000 contacts.

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Dakota Fuse bridges the gap between your data and your sales team, providing real-time updates to accounts and contacts.

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Connect with investment sales professionals and access exclusive insights during this weekly live event.

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Select an asset class and subscribe to receive new investment mandates directly to your inbox.

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Receive daily investment news at over 100 public pension funds, foundations, endowments, and other institutions.

What our clients are saying:

From the helpful insights on all types of firms and contacts to the Dakota Live! calls, Dakota Marketplace has enhanced the capabilities of our Sales and Distribution team. Our team has been able to utilize all this data we previously didn’t have access to. The mapping tool and pre-made reports by the Dakota team also have made our day-to-day scheduling and targeting that much easier.

Aileen McBride

Institutional Business Development, FS Investments

“We have been satisfied with how Marketplace continues to evolve with the service we’ve received, and how accurate the information is.”

Louie Fetch

VP of Advisor Services, Clifford Capital

Marketplace has a broad (and expanding) data set that allows us to contact decision makers directly in order to do our jobs more effectively. Additionally, everyone we have worked with at Dakota so far has been immensely helpful, responsive, and receptive to feedback.

Ehan Keator

Institutional Product Specialist, Davenport Asset Management

As a boutique asset manager, it was important for us to be able to maximize the budget we have for information systems. Providers we have used in the past were limited in both scale and scope and we often found stale data. 

Marketplace has a great depth of content, but more importantly, it is kept current and accurate, leading to more valuable contact interactions. Further, the insight provided beyond simple contact details is invaluable to us. Dakota helps make our small team as efficient and capable as a much larger organization.  

Matthew Kosara, CFA

Managing Partner, HGK Asset Management, Inc.

A Dakota partnership is simple

Partnering with Dakota is easy. We work to understand your firm’s needs, and provide the resources you need to be a better salesperson.

step 1

Request Your Free Trial

Schedule a 15-minute call with one of our investment sales experts, and they’ll get you set up in a trial instance of Dakota Marketplace.

step 2

Access Dakota Marketplace

Marketplace contains accounts and contacts for you to call on, and additional insights including investment mandates, public pension data, and more.

step 3

Become a Better Salesperson

Meet and exceed your goals using Dakota’s exclusive tools, resources, and industry expertise you need to become the best salesperson you can be.

Request a free trial of Dakota Marketplace

Not sure if Dakota Marketplace has what you’re looking for? Fill out the form to the right and request a free trial so you can see it for yourself!

Don’t worry, you won’t be overwhelmed with calls and emails after clicking “submit.” Instead, this will start an open conversation to determine how we can work together.

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