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3 Things You Can Expect From Your Dakota Marketplace Membership

By: Amy Sariego, Director of Content Marketing

If you're reading this article, you've likely either just signed your Marketplace contract, or you're considering becoming a Marketplace member. 

While it might be true that with most software platforms, the relationship begins and ends when you sign your contract.

With Dakota Marketplace, signing your contract and becoming a member is just the beginning of our relationship with our customers. 

At Dakota, we make customer support our priority, and have done so since Marketplace's inception in 2019. In this article, we're going to outline what you can expect from our Membership Services team when you become a Marketplace member. 

By the end of the article, you'll have a complete understanding of how our team works to support you from onboarding to the day to day and beyond.

1. A comprehensive onboarding

Upon signing your contract, someone from our Membership Services team will immediately reach out to set up onboarding sessions for all of the Marketplace users at your firm. 

Additionally, any time you add an additional user to your team, we will set up a training session to get your teammate up and running in Marketplace as soon as possible. 

Finally, with every year that you renew your Marketplace membership, we will set up a quick "refresher" onboarding meeting to ensure that you’re starting the new year off strong and getting the most from the platform.

2. Unmatched customer support

Continuous check-ins

Our Membership Services team will set up check-ins 30 days into your membership, and then again after three, six, and nine months. We want to make sure you are getting the most out of the platform, so we do our best to check in frequently, and welcome you to reach out with any questions, too. 

Daily office hours

You're invited to join our Membership Services office hours as needed. Our team hosts office hours Monday-Friday from 1pm-2pm EST. Our team will be online and available to answer any questions, walk through any topics or functions, and help to troubleshoot problems you may be facing. 

Live chat functionality

If you don't have time for office hours or training sessions, you can choose to use our live chat functionality directly within Marketplace, so you don’t have to leave the platform if you run into any questions. Our team will be alerted and we’ll get back to you with an answer or solution in a matter of minutes. 

24/7 email and phone support

Finally, the Membership Services team is available by email and cell phone all hours of the day. We have an average response time of four minutes, and we're always here to work with our members. 

3. Personalized services

On-site training

Do you have a large sales team? Or want customized company wide training? Our membership services team will set up time to train your sales team on the ins and outs of Marketplace during a time that works best so we can best serve the needs of your team.

Custom Marketplace configurations 

Our platform is highly customizable and able to be configured in ways to best serve your needs. Set up a call with our team to walk through how best to set up your custom design. 

Refresher on-boardings

Each year that you renew we will set up a quick refresher onboarding to make sure you start off the new year knowing how to best continue to utilize the platform. 

Custom training sessions

We offer a variety of training sessions covering topics such as report building, list building and general feature refreshers. These calls can be set up around your schedule within a day or two of requesting. 

Detailed usage analytics

Curious to know how often your team uses Marketplace? Our membership services team sends custom monthly analytics emails to all users highlighting their usage of the platform.

Ready to experience what it means to be a Dakota Marketplace member? We'd love to offer you a free trial of the platform, so you can try it out before becoming a customer!

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