The Top 10 RIAs in Houston

If you're in investment sales, you likely already know that one of the biggest problems of selling to the RIA  channel is the sheer size of it.

The RIA market across the United States consists of over 36,000 firms, which means that while there are more than enough to choose from when looking for new clients, narrowing down the list to only those that allocate to outside managers is going to be key.

Here at Dakota, we’ve raised over $6 billion from over 350 RIAs, and that has been possible because we qualify and curate our list to only RIAs that allocate to outside managers.

In an effort to help narrow down the sheer size of the market, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 RIAs in each major metro area across the country. To determine our list, we looked for three things:

  1. An AUM above $200 million
  2. A dedicated analyst team
  3. An RIA that actively allocates capital to outside investment management firms

In this article, we're highlighting the top 10 RIAs in Houston from our curated institutional investor database, Dakota Marketplace.

However, this is by no means a “best of” list, as there are so many high quality RIAs in Houston. By the end of the article, you'll have a clear idea of the landscape and who you can be calling on.

1. Avalon Advisors LLC

AUM: $8,381,714,741

About: Avalon Advisors offer unbiased investment advice with unparalleled client service. Their breadth of expertise in asset allocation, traditional and alternative investments, risk management and portfolio construction create a best-in-class platform for clients.

2. Houston Trust Company 

AUM: $5,100,000,000

About: In 1994, Houston Trust Company was founded by the Elkins’, Lummis, and members of six other Houston families who too desired a local, independent trust company to serve families like theirs across multiple generations. These founding families pioneered many of the philanthropic, business, and civic institutions that make up the fabric of the Houston community today.

Originally housed in First City Tower in downtown Houston, the Company began with $205 million assets under management and a staff of six, serving a handful of families with a singleness of purpose: not just to manage capital, but serve as a faithful steward of a family’s legacy.

3. Legacy Trust Company

AUM: $3,500,000,000

About: As a nationally chartered trust company, Legacy Trust is a boutique firm that has been serving ultra-high net worth families and foundations since 1984. Utilizing the three core pillars of asset diversification, effective estate planning, and education, Legacy Trust includes a team of experienced trust, family office, and investment professionals creates custom strategies to align with your family’s financial and non-financial needs.

Their commitment to family wealth preservation, backed by our deep experience, has earned us the privilege of serving more than 130 client relationships, equating to more than $4 billion of assets under administration.

4. Avidian Wealth Solutions

AUM: $3,462,234,914

About: The Avidian Wealth Solutions team consists of Certified Financial Planners™, investment specialists, CPAs, investment analysts, estate planning specialists, and MBAs. Their goal is to create and demonstrate value as a financial partner.

The Avidian team works together to ensure all client needs are met in a professional and responsive manner. By bringing together the best people with diverse backgrounds and a shared mission, they strive to simplify your financial life and give you a superior client experience.

5. US Capital Advisors LLC

AUM: $2,963,614,496

About: Based in Houston, Texas with additional offices in Dallas and Austin, U.S. Capital Advisors ("USCA") is an integrated financial services boutique with primary business lines in Wealth Management and Capital Markets.

USCA's Wealth Management division provides a full range of advisory services and solutions to high net worth individuals and family offices. USCA's Capital Markets division, which includes the firm's, Equity Research, Institutional Client, Investment & Merchant Banking, and Public Finance businesses, advises corporate, institutional and municipal clients. USCA was founded in 2010 and is privately owned.

6. Paul Comstock Partners

AUM: $2,391,151,636

About: Comstock has been providing independent, objective advice to individuals and families for more than 35 years. Their signature, client-centered analysis helps bring clarity to complexity, making family wealth decisions clearer.

Comstock's efforts are designed to eliminate decision paralysis. Their independent approach helps you make decisions that you can feel assured about.

7. Mercer Advisors

AUM: $2,000,000,000

About: Mercer Advisors grew out of need they saw from clients. Mercer's founder, Kendrick Mercer, started the firm as a law practice focusing on estate planning for professionals and families. He quickly learned that his clients had needs well beyond drafting of wills, trusts and estate plans. They were looking for someone who would help them make sense of their financial situation and make smart decisions that could help them live the lives of their dreams.

He also learned that a firm providing those solutions and doing it under a fiduciary standard didn’t seem to exist. So in 1985, he launched Mercer Advisors as one of the country’s first, planning-focused independent registered investment advisory firms, and set out on a mission to help his clients achieve what he called Economic Freedom.

8. Inscription Capital

AUM: $2,000,000,000

About: Inscription Capital is a registered investment advisory firm based in Houston, Texas that provides private wealth management, financial & estate planning services, and family office services to affluent families, institutions, and non-profit organizations.

As a preeminent advisor to clients that need guidance through life’s milestones and liquidity events, Inscription's mission is to redefine the industry standard for excellence by combining and coordinating comprehensive planning, thoughtful disciplined execution, and multi-generational stewardship.

9. Champion Capital Research

AUM: $1,943,603,793

About: Champion Capital Research develops and manages customized investment strategies and research to help investors meet specific investment objectives.

Their strategies span the capital markets spectrum from global developed equity to emerging market equity strategies; large cap to small cap strategies; include equity, fixed income, balanced, and target allocation strategies; and offer both passive and active investment options.

Champion Capital Research rigorously follows a disciplined investment process centered on a research-driven, rules-based methodology that includes both quantitative and fundamental analyses to effectively manage investment decisions.

10. Linscomb & Williams Inc. 


About: Linscomb & Williams is a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning and investment management firm headquartered in Houston, Texas and serving investors nationwide. They have nearly half a century of experience helping families build, preserve and manage wealth.

While the above are the RIAs in Houston with the highest AUM, you can access the complete list of Houston RIAs in Dakota Marketplace. To find out more, we'd love to offer a free trial of the platform.

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Written By: Gui Costin, Founder, CEO

Gui Costin is the Founder and CEO of Dakota.


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