Top RIAs on the East Coast of Florida

One of the biggest problems when selling to the RIA (Registered Investment Adviser) marketplace is the sheer size of the channel. The RIA marketplace across the United States consists of over 36,000 firms, which means that while there are plenty to choose from when looking for new clients, shrinking the list down to only those that allocate to outside managers is key. For example, here at Dakota, where we’ve raised over $6 billion from over 350 RIAs, and we qualify and curate our list to only RIAs that allocate to outside managers (which are the firms we sell for).

In an effort to help narrow down the sheer size of the market, we’ve put together a list of the top 6 RIAs in each major metro area across the country. To determine our list, we looked for three things:

  1. An AUM above $200 million

  2. A dedicated analyst team

  3. An RIA that actively allocates capital to outside investment management firms

We have qualified all of the RIAs on this list so that they meet our criteria. We actively call on these RIAs, and all of them can be found within our institutional investor database, Dakota Marketplace.

However, this is by no means a “best of” list, as there are so many high quality RIAs in West Palm Beach and around the country. We just wanted to give you a place to start.

West Palm Beach

1. Gen Spring

AUM: $20,217,071,193

In GenSpring's words, they exclusively serve clients of SunTrust Private Wealth Management. Over 30 years, their work has set the standard for helping families effectively manage their wealth while creating a positive impact on those who benefit from it.

2. Legend Advisory Group

AUM: $2,387,590,306

As an industry leader with 50 years of experience, Lincoln Investment offers a variety of products and services designed to help meet the unique needs of individual investors. According to Legend Group, when you partner with them and Lincoln Investment, you'll have access to a wealth of investment planning knowledge. The Lincoln Investment Companies offer a wide spectrum of investment options, professional investment management programs and quality client service through our nationwide network of independent Financial Professionals.

3. Inlet Private Wealth

AUM: $338,884,363

From Inlet Private Wealth themselves, they were founded to serve individuals and families that desire customized solutions tailored to help best meet their financial objectives. As a boutique firm, they cater to the needs of each client by working collaboratively with them to help achieve their unique financial objectives. They develop personalized financial solutions without pressure to employ a style box or proprietary products.

4. Castle Wealth Management

AUM: $308,008,846

According to Castle Wealth Management, their goal is to provide personal service coupled with current and extensive financial knowledge. They navigate the course for their clients to follow. A well-diversified portfolio, a long-term investment horizon and a documented plan enables their clients to reach their goals.

5. Maclendon Wealth Management 

AUM: $200,000,000

In Maclendon's words, they're a boutique, family-based wealth management firm, solely dedicated to providing exceptional financial guidance and premium services to their members. Their relationships are built on sophisticated investment management and an unwavering dedication to meeting members' goals-today, and in the future.

6. The Sade Group Private Wealth Management

AUM: $200,000,000

From Sade Group Private Wealth Management themselves, they provide comprehensive financial services for a diverse range of families and businesses so that their clients can live their best lives. They're an independent investment services firm. This allows freedom and the ability to limit potential conflicts of interest in their process, and creates a deeper level of trust which we feel is essential to our clients’ success.


1. CV Advisors

AUM: $7,660,773,107

CV Advisors is a global multi-family office headquartered in Miami, Florida. The Firm is independently owned and operates as a SEC registered investment adviser.

2. WE Family Offices

AUM: $7,600,000,000

From WE Family Offices themselves, they serve families as an outsourced family office, as an extension of their family office, or by managing special mandates and projects for families as needed. As fiduciary advisors, their clients’ interests come first, and their service offering is tailored to meet the specific needs of every family with whom they work.

3. Dimension Capital Management

AUM: $4,571,370,847

In Dimension Capital's own words, they were founded four decades ago with the goal of providing access to unparalleled investment opportunities on a global basis. As your investment advisor, they work to extend their reach and leverage their manager relationships to support the varied and complex needs of ultra-high-net-worth investors.

4. Valor Advisors

AUM: $2,000,000,000

According to Valor Advisors, they're an independent financial advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). They provide unbiased advice to ultra-high net worth families in Latin America. Valor offers a unique and exclusive model that focuses on delivering customized solutions to help protect and grow their clients’ global wealth.

5. ArchPoint Investors

AUM: $1,783,314,950

Founded in 2009 as Botty Investors, ArchPoint Investors is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to meeting the financial objectives of their Family Office clientele. With offices located in Chicago and Miami, they service clients in the United States, Europe, and South America. 

6. Sierra Capital

AUM: $1,037,132,264

Sierra Capital is a registered investment advisor with the SEC. From Sierra Capital themselves, they are professionally responsible for stewarding their client’s wealth to meet their long-term goals. With 20 years of operating as an independent Multi-Family Office and over 160 years of combined investment experience they understand the importance of an international perspective. Their firm is built on trusted relationships and loyalty that crosses continents. As advisors, they understand that the obligations of wealthy families differ significantly from those of other investors and they are proud of the unique high-quality Family Office services that they provide. 

7. GFG Capital

AUM: $771,445,595

In GFG Capital's own words, they're a multi-family office offering a fresh perspective on family wealth. This means they see things from your view point, and base every action on your interests. This translates into tangible differences families can feel from the first time they meet with us.

8. Element Pointe Advisors

AUM: $571,569,931

From Element Pointe themselves, they were founded by former professionals from large global banks, who established the firm in order to provide independent, transparent, objective advice and portfolio management to clients.

9. Firestone Capital Management

AUM: $448,230,000

At Firestone Capital Management, their mission is simple: to connect with their clients and to focus the collective efforts of their team toward making their long-term financial goals a reality.

10. Fortune Partners Group

AUM: $262,702,668

Fortune Partners Group is an investment advisor and the investment manager of the Fortune Pre-IPO Fund. According to Fortune Partners Group as of January 2021, their principals have joined together with Leste Group to create Aliya Capital Partners. At Aliya, they represent and manage an exclusive community of families investing together with the aim of creating something rare: limitless value.

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Written By: Gui Costin, Founder, CEO

Gui Costin is the Founder and CEO of Dakota.


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