The Top Design Firms to Help You Create a Manager Pitch Deck

For any investment sales professional, emerging manager or well experienced, your pitch is critical. It is your first impression that will have a lasting impact and ultimately influence whether you continue a relationship with another investor. 

Your pitch needs to tell a compelling story, and one that can easily be remembered. That is where creating a proper manager pitch deck becomes important. These slides will tell a story through numbers and graphics, rather than endless run on sentences. 

In this article we’ve provided a list of the top design firms to help you create a compelling pitch deck, and make that lasting first impression. By the end of this, you’ll have a better understanding of which design firm is best for you, or if working with a design firm is in your best interest.

Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans work directly with you offering professional research, writing, design, and financial analysis services. In their own words, their pitch decks are fully customizable designs that will help your firm tell your story and represent your business in front of investors. Pro Business Plans is not specific to the investment industry, they’ve completed work in 60+ industries, as well as working with 1,000s of companies from startups to Fortune 50. They also offer sample decks from Tesla and Whole Foods on their website. 

Working with Pro Business Plans is simple: have a kick-off call that’s similar to a consultation, their team will then build your deck, and thirdly you and their team will review materials until you’re fully satisfied. 

They offer three different plans, which you need to contact them for pricing.
Redesign an existing pitch deck - send them your existing slides and they’ll redesign them for your team.

  1. Expedited (next-day) delivery is available.
  2. Create a new Deck - customized venture capital ready to pitch deck and financial models in addition to strategic advisory on content to best position your company.
  3. Investor pack - they will redesign your slides for you. 

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Cayenne Consulting

Cayenne Consulting has been around since 2001, having over 2,400 clients. Their business plan consultants have hands-on experience founding, funding, and scaling ventures to help you create business plans, pitch decks, and/or financial forecasts. In their words, you can think of Cayenne Consulting as your co-founder for the duration of their project.

You can work with Cayenne Consulting in three ways:

  1. Business Plan: collaborate on premium business plans for angel and venture capital investors, business plans for bank loans, and more.
  2. Pitch Decks: collaborate with their writers to create a compelling pitch deck for an angel group, venture capitalists, a pitch competition, or whoever.
  3. Financial Forecasts: essentially your business plan in numbers. Collaborate with Cayenne Consulting to tell your compelling story through cause-and-effect relationships. 

    For pricing you will have to contact Cayenne Consulting directly, and they’ll be able to provide more information on how the two of you can work together. 


In their own words, DeckWorks turn your raw slides into a perfectly structured pitch that unlocks funding. DeckWorks is there to help you produce your pitch faster by removing the frustration of working with a freelancer and instead working with a trusted team. DeckWorks have assisted with making curated decks ranging from investor decks, sales decks, onboarding decks, financial projections, and so much more. They make the process three simple steps: purchase and share raw slides, receive your edits, then send your brand new deck out!

There are three package options when working with DeckWorks. 

  1. Basic: $2,999 -
    This is a one-time deck consisting of 15 slides, access to unlimited stock photos, and two rounds of revision edits.
  2. Growth: $3,999 -
    This is a one-time deck consisting of 20 slides, access to unlimited stock photos, two rounds of revision edits, and compelling story-telling and pitch audits.
  3. Venture: $5,999 -
    This is a per month fee, and you’ll have a dedicated pitch designer on your team. With this package you get unlimited decks, unlimited slides, and unlimited stock photos.

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Slidebean simplifies the pitching process by assisting with content strategy and slide design. They’ve had over 500 satisfied clients in the past 10 years, and raised over $300 million along the way. 

Pitch Deck Software is a free sign up where you’ll have access to a platform to share slides and ideas, collaborate with teammates, automated design with your content you upload, and analytics on slide activity. 

Pitch Deck Services include writing, designing, and modeling your pitch deck. The package options are as follows: 

  1. Pitch Deck Writing and Design: $2,500
    • 3-4 week delivery
    • Briefing with their business analyst to understand your firm and story
    • Three rounds of revisions on content
    • Up to 20 slides
    • Two rounds of revision on the design 
  2. Strategy and Pitch Deck Sprint: $6,000
    • 3-4 weeks delivery
    • 5+ hours of consultation with analysts
    • They’ll write your pitch deck
    • Up to 30 slides
    • Content and design revisions with their team
    • Help estimating your market size
    • Advise on your GtM strategy
    • Financial modeling and projections
    • Access to their C-level team

In conclusion, there are many great options to create a manager pitch deck. In the end it comes down to telling your compelling story in an easy to understand way. If you are…

  • A start up or smaller firm, DeckWorks and SlideBean are your best options.
  • A firm wanting to professionalize your pitch through a compelling slide deck, Pro Business Plan and Cayenne Consulting are great options. 

To help kickstart your fundraising process, start your free trial of Dakota Marketplace here.

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Written By: Morgan Holycross, Marketing Manager

Morgan Holycross is a Marketing Manager at Dakota.


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