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The Top AIMSE Investor Networking Conferences

By: Morgan Holycross, Content Marketing Associate

As an investment sales professional, you must attend conferences to meet with various advisors, consultants, and allocators to increase your touchpoints for raising capital.

It can be a pain to research and keep track of the conferences that the many investment firms have. However, we both know it’s a non negotiable. 

At Dakota, our sales teams are constantly traveling, city scheduling, and making the most of every trip, whether it’s for a meeting or a conference. Then, what was once a shared calendar of upcoming events became a new feature in Dakota Marketplace called Dakota Conferences.

This new feature allows not just our own sales team but all of our customers to see, at a glance, which conferences are happening and when, and what asset class they’re focused on. 

In this article, we’re outlining the can’t miss upcoming conferences organized by AIMSE. By the end of the article, you’ll have a clear picture of upcoming events, when and where they’re being held, and if they’re a fit for your firm.

1. 46th Marketing & Sales Conference 

Speaker Type: Allocators

Investment Focus: General 

Metro: Phoenix 

Date: 4/30/2023

Format: In Person

2. Webinar: Defined Contribution Consultant Insights featuring AON Investments 

Speaker Type: Allocators 

Investment Focus: General

Metro: Washington, DC

Date: 11/8/2022

Format: Virtual 

3. 47th Marketing & Sales Conference 

Speaker Type: Allocators

Investment Focus: General 

Metro: Boca Raton, Florida

Date: 6/16/2024

Format: In Person 


Dakota Marketplace is home to hundreds of upcoming industry conferences broken out by asset class. To see the full list across asset classes, request a free trial of Dakota Marketplace! 

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