New Fund Launches for the Second Half of April

In the fast-paced world of asset management, staying abreast of industry trends and competitor activities is crucial. Recognizing this need, we’ve distilled the latest information from Form D filings into a concise list of new fund launches.

Please note: Form D filings are a probable indication of a new fund launch, but not definitive. For thorough understanding, further research is recommended.

Our focused approach ensures that you gain valuable insights for competitive analysis and trend spotting, without the clutter of irrelevant and stale data. This list serves as a tool for keeping your finger on the pulse of the market, helping you make informed decisions and strategize effectively.

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Monomoy Capital Partners Launches Monomoy Capital Partners Fund V

Monomoy Capital Partners has launched Monomoy Capital Partners Fund V, according to the Form D that was filed on April 22, 2024. The private equity firm based in NYC previously closed Fund IV with oversubscribed commitments of over $1.1 billion in 2021. nt. Monomoy invests in the equity and debt of middle-market businesses that can benefit from operational and financial improvement, with a focus on manufacturing, distribution and consumer product businesses in North America and Europe. 

Nuveen Launches Nuveen Climate Infusion Fund

Nuveen Climate Infusion Fund, filed on April 19, 2024, is a Private Equity impact fund investing in clean energy, de carbonization and more. Nuveen is a $1.2t asset manager based in Boston owned by TIAA, the insurance company. This is the second vintage of their impact private equity fund. Nuveen was founded in 1915 as an underwriter of construction, water and sewer and school loans.


Carmel Partners Launches Carmel Partners Fund IX

Carmel Partners has launched Carmel Partners Fund IX, according to the Form D that was filed on April 26, 2024. The real estate firm previously closed Fund VIII with commitments of over $1.58 billion in 2023. Carmel Partners focuses on U.S. multifamily development, renovation, and debt investments. Carmel has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Seattle, and Washington DC.

AHC Funds Launches AHC Real Estate Fund X, LP

AHC Funds has launched AHC Real Estate Fund X, LP according to the Form D that was filed on April 11, 2024. The private equity real estate firm is led by John Stoops and has offices in Illinois and Texas. AHC Funds has deployed over $300 million towards real estate assets since its founding in 1995.


Lionheart Ventures Launches Lionheart AI I

Lionheart Ventures has launched Lionheart AI I, according to the Form D that was filed on April 22, 2024. The venture capital firm, founded by David Langer, is based in San Francisco, California. Lionheart’s main investment focus is in transformative artificial intelligence and frontier mental health technologies. Portfolio companies include Breathwrk, a health app, Momentu, a corporate mental health platform, and Tripp, a VR platform for mental health.

Also Capital Launches Also Capital II

Also Capital has launched Also Capital II, according to the Form D that was filed on April 12, 2024. The venture capital firm is led by Mike Annunziata and is based in New York. ALso Capital leads pre-seed and seed rounds for founders. Portfolio companies include Radiant, a portable nuclear microreactors company, ConductorAI, an AI compliance platform, and Stealth Robotics.

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Written By: Koncheng Moua, Director of Data Management and Strategy

Koncheng Moua is the Director of Data Management and Strategy at Dakota.


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