New Fund Launches for March 2024

In the fast-paced world of asset management, staying abreast of industry trends and competitor activities is crucial. Recognizing this need, we’ve distilled the latest information from Form D filings into a concise list of new fund launches.

Please note: Form D filings are a probable indication of a new fund launch, but not definitive. For thorough understanding, further research is recommended.

Our focused approach ensures that you gain valuable insights for competitive analysis and trend spotting, without the clutter of irrelevant and stale data. This list serves as a tool for keeping your finger on the pulse of the market, helping you make informed decisions and strategize effectively.

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Real Estate

Westport Capital Launches NewCold Fund III

According to the SEC Form D filing, Westport Capital Partners, a private real estate firm with offices in El Segundo, California and Stamford, Connecticut, has launched it’s value-add fund, WCP NewCold Fund III, which was filed on March 27, 2024. Westport is led by Sean F. Armstrong, Jordan Socaransky, W. Gregory Geiger, Marc Porosoff, Peter Aronson, Howard B. Fife, and Steven A. Russell. According to their website, “NewCold is a vertically integrated developer and operator of automated cold storage facilities with a global operating base and local infrastructure.”

Venture Capital

Blossom Capital Launches Fund IV

According to the SEC Form D filing, Blossom Capital has launched Blossom Capital IV LP, which was filed on March 26, 2024. Blossom Capital is an early stage venture capital firm based in London, England and is led by Ophelia Brown. Blossom invests in fintech, consumer, saas, infrastructure, and crypto sectors. Portfolio companies include, an AI tool spun out from Yahoo, Dija, a grocery delivery service, and to name a few.

LightShed Ventures Launches Fund II

According to the SEC Form D filing, LightShed Ventures launched LighShed Ventures Fund II which was filed on March 1, 2024. LightShed Ventures is a Venture Capital firm based in New York and is led by Rich Greenfield, Walter Piecyk, Brandon Ross, Jamie Seltzer, and Xavier Parkmond. Formed in 2019, LightShed invests in Seed through Series B in the media, technology, consumer, and telecom industries. Portfolio companies include Cameo, a personalized video platform, and Flipside Crypto, a Blockchain Data platform, in addition to a number of other companies.

Private Equity

Sightline Partners & 10 Lakes Capital Launches 10 Lakes Fund III

According to the SEC Form D filing, 10K Lakes Fund III, managed by Sightline Partners, a sister company of 10 Lakes Capital was launched, which was filed on March 15, 2024. 10 Lakes is an alternative investment manager focusing on secondary buyouts and joint venture transactions in the healthcare sector. Sightline Partners has the same focus on secondary buyouts and joint venture transactions in the healthcare sector. Portfolio companies include Accolade, a personalized health and benefit solution, BreezoMeter, a real time air quality data analytics company that was acquired by Google in 2022, and Vapotherm, a global medical technology company that went public in 2018.

4x4 Capital Launches Fund III

According to the SEC Form D filing, 4x4 Capital launched 4x4 Capital Fund III which was filed on March 11, 2024. Founded in 2018, 4x4 Capital is a private equity firm based in New York and is led by Alex Medicis, Pulo Macedo, and Rafael Teixeira. 4x4 focuses on control or 100% buyout investments in consumer products, services or industrials. Portfolio companies include Yelloh, formerly known as Schwan’s Home Delivery, a direct to consumer frozen food delivery company, and 1440 Foods, a snacking and active lifestyle platform with complementary brands such as Pure Protein, MetRX, Body Fortress, and Balance Bar.

Prospect Partners Launches Fund V

According to the SEC Form D filing, Prospect Partners launched Prospect Partners Fund V which was filed on March 15, 2024. The private equity firm is based in Chicago, IL and is led by Brett Holcomb, Brad O’Dell, and Erik Maurer. Prospect Partners specializes in building high potential companies with EBITDA between $3 – $10 million — typically with revenues between $15 – $100 million in the specialty services, niche manufacturing, value-added distribution, food and consumer products industries. With over 170 transactions, some portfolio companies include Entech, a technology and cybersecurity services provider, and Gold Star Foods, a specialty foodservice distributor. 

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Written By: Koncheng Moua, Director of Data Management and Strategy

Koncheng Moua is the Director of Data Management and Strategy at Dakota.


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