Matt Brundage Dakota Live! Interview

An Exclusive Interview with Matt Brundage from Bridgehouse Asset Managers

Bridgehouse is an independent asset manager based out of Toronto and has $4.5 billion in assets. They exclusively partner with third party managers and then use their sales and marketing capabilities to distribute those managers across all provinces and territories within Canada. They manufacture mutual funds to do so, that is creating mutual funds and onboarding them with dealers. They have about 125 dealer agreements in place, which covers about 99% of the dealers in their country, and then they using their 20 person sales team to go out there and knock on doors and represent managers. They also manufacture institutional pooled funds, which are offered through OM, that targets pension plans, endowments, high net worth individuals. They represent various managers on UMA platforms in Canada, such as the big ones like RBC A+. You have CIBC, ICS, BMO Architect. 

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