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About MLG Capital

MLG Capital is a direct real estate operator and private equity real estate investment firm focused on maximizing our client's’ investment capital. Our 35+ year operating history is rooted in absolute integrity, which shows in our clients’ results; our track record of favorable returns has earned us a strong reputation and following of thousands of satisfied investors across the USA. Our experience is in real estate investment and management first, so when it comes to selecting properties, you know there are experts at the helm considering all possibilities.

What challenges were you facing that led you to consider a Salesforce integration?

We've imported numerous data sources to Salesforce, but we didn't have an efficient solution to keep that data updated. It's not efficient to have our sales team constantly updating data instead of selling. We also did not have a tool to quickly import lists of new prospects.

What were you looking for in a Salesforce integration?

We needed a tool that could give our sales team time back to sell. It was important for us to have a tool that could give our team quick access to high quality data. It was also important for the data to constantly stay updated without our team needing to update it.

Why was Dakota’s Salesforce app the solution?

The Dakota Salesforce app met our needs by allowing us to quickly import data from Dakota Marketplace. More importantly, once it's imported, it stays up to date with any changes. Since we're a company that uses Salesforce heavily, it made perfect sense for us to integrate Dakota Marketplace's data with our own Salesforce instance.

What is your favorite feature and/or functionality of the Salesforce app?

One of our favorite features is the list view of RIAs in a given metro area when viewing a metro area record. Additionally, in Salesforce, we like the "Link with Dakota Marketplace" button that allows us to search for an account in the marketplace and link it without having to leave the Salesforce record.

How have you seen benefits to using the Salesforce app?

As a Salesforce Administrator, the ability to import accounts for our sales team has saved a ton of time. Additionally, the auto-updates that are pushed from Dakota Marketplace to Salesforce have been integral. As people change jobs or companies are acquired, the updates allow us to keep our Salesforce data clean and accurate.


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