Connecting Investment Firms With Allocators

Investment firms partner with Dakota on a third-party basis to raise money for their investment strategies.

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The challenge facing investment firms

One of the biggest challenges investment firms face in their desire to grow is finding more investors that buy what they sell. The lifeblood of any investment firm is to find new investors every year.
The challenge is ongoing as we see over 25% turnover in the due diligence analyst position, making it difficult to keep track of everyone; and we see the RIA/Multi-Family Offices continue its explosive growth, making it a more important channel each and every day.
Life for an investment salesperson is not getting any easier.
Why we focused on the Total Addressable Market
Dakota has been built on the belief that your total addressable market (TAM) drives your company's growth. We have been obsessed from the beginning with building the largest possible TAM for our fundraising clients. Quite simply, with a larger group of people that buy what you sell, you naturally have more opportunities to win. That's the strategy behind our approach to fundraising.

Meet our investment partners


By knowing the right people to put me in front of, Dakota has created an incredible asset. They have those long-standing relationships that we as a money manager need.

- Alan Breed, Portfolio Manager for Edgewood Management

Marketplace is nirvana for a sales professional who wants access to RIAs and other institutional investors. Most of my prospecting is over because all I have to do is log in and pull up a city I am traveling to, and all the RIAs and investors I need to know are right there. It’s awesome.

- Jim Stevens, Institutional Sales, $4 billion large cap growth manager