After 14 years and over $35 billion raised, we've learned a few things.

Complete and accurate data drives growth.

Stale contact data stunts growth.

Hundreds of investor databases promise size and accuracy, but with few who deliver, it's hard to believe any of them.

Dakota aims to change that.

MARKETPLACE redefines the traditional institutional investor database and delivers a smaller, but complete set of relevant accounts across all channels, contacts that are accurate, and a dataset that is updated daily; eliminating any need to do research.

Fundraisers can now spend their time on what they do best: schedule & hold investor meetings.

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Who is Dakota?

Since 2006, Dakota has been hired by boutique investment firms to help them raise capital for their investment strategies and we have raised over $35 billion. Click here to see our team.

Dakota is also the creator of the leading institutional investor database, MARKETPLACE, which is a highly focused set of investor contacts across the institutional, RIA and intermediary channels.

What's the value of MARKETPLACE to me as a fundraising professional?

Saves you time and provides you up-to-date and accurate leads to call on.

We use the data ourselves to set-up meetings and raise money. Nothing has frustrated us more than incomplete or out-of-date investor contacts.

MARKETPLACE is the only investor database that is built by a fundraising team that also uses the same data. Nobody understands the challenges fundraisers face more than fundraisers themselves and we bring that understanding to help our members.

Why would you share access to your database?

We believe more qualified buyers to call on gives us the biggest competitive advantage. However, counting on our successful salespeople to keep our data fresh and up-to-date was not a realistic strategy. So we took a flier with the theory that if we opened up our database to our industry colleagues, it would give us revenue to build a deep data team, make us accountable to keep the data fresh and up-to-date, which would ultimately benefit us as fundraisers. And of course our members.

Why are you so obsessed with the Total Addressable Market?

Dakota has been built on the belief that your total addressable market (TAM) drives your company's growth. We have been obsessed from the beginning with building the largest possible TAM for our fundraising clients. Quite simply, with a larger group of people that buy what you sell, you naturally have more opportunities to win. That's the strategy behind MARKETPLACE and ultimately our approach to fundraising.

Learn About the Key Processes Dakota has Implemented to Scale its Client Assets to Over $35 billion

By knowing the right people to put me in front of, Dakota has created an incredible asset. They have those long-standing relationships that we as a money manager need.

- Alan Breed, Portfolio Manager for Edgewood Management

Marketplace is nirvana for a sales professional who wants access to RIAs and other institutional investors. Most of my prospecting is over because all I have to do is log in and pull up a city I am traveling to, and all the RIAs and investors I need to know are right there. It’s awesome.

- Jim Stevens, Institutional Sales, $4 billion large cap growth manager
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