Wells Fargo FAs Join LPL To Launch New Firm


A trio of Wells Fargo advisors, Erick Simonds, Eugene Sninski II, and Lisa Sninski, have joined LPL Financial, bringing with them $250 million in managed assets. 

The team is set to operate under the name Windward Wealth Advisors in Brick, New Jersey.They chose the name Windward Wealth Advisors as a nautical tribute, symbolizing the skill and adaptability required in both sailing and financial advising. 

The team, consisting of Simonds and the Sninski siblings, has a long-standing professional relationship, with Simonds and Eugene Sninski collaborating for 17 years before Lisa Sninski joined them three years ago. Simonds holds a CRPC designation. The move is part of a trend of advisors transitioning from Wells Fargo to LPL Financial. 

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Written By: John Washington, Data Research Analyst

John Washington is the Data Research Analyst at Dakota.


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