South Carolina Retirement System Discloses Recent Commitments to Alts Totaling $328.4M

The South Carolina Retirement System has disclosed 6 recent commitments to alternatives, totaling $328.4 million, in their September 14th Retirement System Investment Commission (RSIC) meeting. 

In Private Equity, $100 million was committed to KPS Special Situations Fund VI and $25 million was committed to KPS Special Situations Mid-Cap Fund II. $40 million was allocated to Banner Ridge Secondary Fund V and $13.4 million Banner Ridge Secondary Fund V Co-Investment. Lastly, $50 million was committed to Varsity Healthcare Partners IV. 

Within Real Estate, $100 million was committed to Brookfield Strategic Real Estate Partners V. 

As of June 30th, the fund has committed $5.5 billion, approximately 13.6% of their portfolio, to private equity. And allocated $3.7 billion, approximately 9.2% of their portfolio, to real estate. 

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Written By: Helen Bascom, Marketing Associate

Helen Bascom is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.