Rockefeller Adds Former JPMorgan FAs


Rockefeller Capital Management has welcomed a group of advisors previously with J.P. Morgan Securities, originally from First Republic. The crew, known as Pollock Salah Wealth Partners, manages approximately $2.2 billion in assets and is based in both San Francisco and Walnut Creek, California.

The team consists of advisors Gary Pollock, Craig Pollock, and Anis Salah, alongside support staff Annette Smith, Maryann Jensen, and Ethan Huang. 

Gary Pollock's career includes a lengthy tenure at First Republic since 2004 and a move to JPMorgan after it acquired First Republic's wealth unit. In addition to his time at First Republic, Pollock also founded and managed Bay Isle Financial in Oakland, California, and has an extensive background of approximately 20 years at Chevron Corp. Craig Pollock's experience is similar to Gary's in terms of his start at First Republic in 2004 and earlier career at Bay Isle Financial. Anis Salah brings a diverse background with roles at First Republic since 2009, contributing varied expertise to the Pollock Salah Wealth Partners team.

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Written By: John Washington, Data Research Analyst

John Washington is the Data Research Analyst at Dakota.


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