Illinois Municipal Looking to Add to Alts; Increasing Allocation to Minority, Women Firms

According to a February 23rd news release, the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) approved an updated strategic asset allocation mix including an increase to their target to alternative investments.

The following updates were approved: 

  • U.S. Equity: 33.5% (-1%)
  • International Equity: 18%
  • Fixed Income: 24.5%
  • Private Real Assets: 10.5%
  • Alternative Investments: 12.5% (+1%)
  • Cash: 1%

Also disclosed in the news release, the IMRF Board of Trustees approved recommended updates to the investment policy for minority, women and persons with disability owned firms. 

The total Fund’s assets under management goal for minorities, women and persons with disabilities increased 2%, from 20% to 22%. 

As of January 31, the total Illinois Municipal Retirement portfolio was valued at $52.3 billion. 

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Written By: Jane Bailey, Marketing Associate

Jane Bailey is a Marketing Associate at Dakota.